Zine Reading Room

Zine Reading Room

These pages represent some, though not all, of our previous interns’ accomplishments in overcoming self-doubt and hardship through expression and beauty.

Houseless not Homeless by Jeff 

click here for a preview!!!

click here for a preview!!!

In this Zine Jeff discusses his opinions and views of the world and how he thinks it “should” be changed. It also chronicles his travels. Enjoy his thoughts, opinions and art as well as the tales of his trials and tribulations that made him who he is today.

Wild and Wary by Kari

click image for a sneak peek

click image for a sneak peek

Wild and Wary is a compilation of poems, laughs, and views on life. Some of the poems were written in a ‘happy’ mind set, others, maybe not so much. Wild and Wary is a zine that explains many different aspects of life, without actually explaining anything.  Overall, Wild and Wary does a great job of putting all the different aspects of life into many different perspectives. We hope you enjoy what you read.

cover page

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Habit’s Scribblings by Habit

Habit’s Scribblings  is a collection of poems and a short novella about the origins of a serial killer collected into a short zine format.  This story was written in a fairly short amount of time and is an overall first for the author. So come on down to the basement with us, we have a special seat just for you.

A Story of Me by Mathew Greenwood

Click for a sneak peek

Click for a sneak peek

is a compilation of stories from Mathew’s time in the rave scene, the people he met and the experiences both good and bad that helped make him who he is today. It talks about Mathews unique views on the world and about the family and friends he made, the lessons he learned and the lessons taught.  His writing is upfront and honest— no beating around the bush. Over all a thrilling tale.

Girl Wrapped Up by Jazmane 

Click image for a sneak peek.

Click image for a sneak peek.

A hard hitting testament of abuse, familial confusion, unrequited love and community violence, this zine will wrap you up and put you through the wash of this young woman’s struggles. But in this zine of great trial, Jazmane also manages to emerge, through her writing, as the owner of a powerful voice and a mind able to reflect and rise above a pain-filled adolescence.

Cover Photo

Click image for a sneak peek!

What’s Lying On The Inside by Christina

Christina’s Zine is about having gone through so much when she was little and up until this point. It shows the struggle and the aspects of her life and what she has felt and how she is overcoming the situation. The things that are within her give a different perspective on what people go through when they are a kid.

The Connect by John aka Tiny Dousha 

Click image for a Sneak Peek!

Click image for a Sneak Peek!

This Zine is for musicians and music lovers everywhere. Whether looking to get into the music business, or whether you’re a lover of musical poetry, The Connect is for you. The Connect includes prose on how to make it in the music business and original lyrics by the writer, who proves his promise as an emcee.

My Zine by Jordancover page

Jordan is a young writer from Santa Barbara, California. In Jordan’s short story he talks about his passions and what he loves to do the most.  One of those things is long boarding. He also talks about life and what it really means to him. Over the course of 9 months of being in Seattle he’s learned to be strong and keep to himself. Jordan’s zine is powerful because of the fact that it’s nothing but the truth and I encourage anybody to read and enjoy.

The World and What It’s Come To 

Click image for a sneak peek!

Click image for a sneak peek!

Group Zine by May-July 2013 Interns

This group of 4 brave interns take on THE WORLD. Through reflective, imaginative and insightful group prompts, the writers unpack their hopes, fears, dreams and needs in the face of the teeming mass of systems and individuals operating around them. In this zine, homeless youth interns articulate what they know about how things actually go—both in their personal lives and abroad. Through the tumult, these young people struggle to find a space where their voices can be heard and spoken with clarity. Read to see if they succeed.

Lady Louse by Ashley


Click on image for a sneak peek

A collection of poems and journals relating to Ashley’s family, origin, people, etc… Through lyrically lush and dizzying verse and playfully, sometimes painfully, honest journal entries, Ashley imparts to readers her story of struggle and success defining herself as Native, as daughter and as poet.

Say Something – by Brian

Stuff in here

Stuff in here

Some people, for reasons that they feel awkward admitting, just want to be alone. Maybe it’s incomprehensible, maybe it’s too many things to list. Are any of these possible reasons Brian himself has contained within the pages of this zine? Honestly, he originally wanted this to be about his alias, “Shoe”, but there you go. A collection of journalistic rants based off of past observations and internal dialogue in his pursuit to understand why.

Untitled by Gillian 

Click image for a sneak peek!

Click image for a sneak peek!

Collages and meditations on the life of a tough-as-nails traveling girl. Full of vinegar, brine and design beauty, This zine is as full of wildness and stark thrill as a midnight train hop.  Check it out!

Homelessness on the Ave by Anthony

Click here for a sneak peak

Click here for a sneak peak

Anthony is a young writer from Seattle Washington. In this short story he talks about his experience being homeless on the streets in Seattle and speaks a little bit more about how graffiti inspired him to become the young writer that he is today. Through these short stories and poems Anthony takes you on part of his own journey. Read this zine. It really catches your attention.

Sweet Tea and Sunshine, Coffee and Rain by Carrie

Click Image for a Sneak Peek!

Click Image for a Sneak Peek!

In this autobiographical zine, Carrie talks about her life in Missouri (stressing the fact that your thoughts are only misconceptions), her awkward journey to Seattle, and the life and people she came to know and love in here.

Through a Bus Window DustyGroup Zine March-May 2013 

Click for a sneak peak

Click for a sneak peak

Through meditative poems and wacky, sometimes profound, group writes, March-May 2013 interns ponder possible futures for themselves. Impaired by the weight of their present, exhilarated by the anticipation of tomorrow (and time machines), these youth forecast varying visions for themselves. Success? Regression? Mediocrity? Zombie Apocalypse? You’ll have to read to find out!

Mermaid/Goddess Era of 2012 and Other Female Empowerment Moments in Music and Pop Culture by Lanoir

Mermaid/Goddess Era by Lanoir. (Click image for a sneak peek)

Mermaid/Goddess Era by Lanoir. (Click image for a sneak peek)

Mermaid/Goddess Era is a zine packed with  prose, dream journals, poetry and artwork that explores the author’s origins, documents her cultural influences and declares her resilience as an artist. In her non-fiction articles, Lanoir analyzes the mythical and urban sources of aesthetic trends in pop culture. Her poetry expounds and vibrates with soul and lyric energy. Her artwork glistens with originality. Check out Mermaid/Goddess and be welcomed into the new era!

MY Side Of The World by Michael

My Side of the World by Michael (click for sneak peek)

My Side of the World by Michael (click for sneak peek)

Michael wrote his Zine on fantasy and reality. He has true events that happen in his life and he has stories that describe death and life from a metaphorical stand point. In this zine you will experience happiness, sadness, and anger all wrapped up in one. Depending on if you know this writer it might help you get to know him just a little better. If you want to know, you will just have to read the zine and join him on his side of the world and you will be amazed by what you will learn.

Unknown by Krystal

Unknown Zine by: Krystal(Click for a sneak peak)

Unknown Zine by: Krystal
(Click for a sneak peak)

Unknown zine contains poems and stories about the problems of siblings, and love, as experienced by African American females plus the things that people go through on a daily basic. But one thing I can tell you is that you will cry your heart out because it is an amazing zine and you will want to read more of it. Including the issues that happens in the author’s lifetime so I hope you enjoy reading and will add the zine to your own collection.

The Adventures of Flying Toaster StrudelZine Group Oct-Dec. 2012 

Click on image to view!

Click on image to view!

What’s better than a warm, delicious pastry fresh out of the toaster? A flying, crime fighting, comic hero shooting sprinkles at evil everywhere. An original, hand drawn creation from the Oct-Dec. Group, Flying Toaster Strudel is a comic-zine that chronicles our lovable hero’s harrowing origins, tutelage under the wise Whole Wheat, and show down with his nemesis, Evil Dr. PopTart. With a plot as epic as Batman Begins and as aesthetically memorable as Adventure Time, Flying Toaster Strudel is a delicious way to start the morning or to enjoy as a midnight snack.

Only God Can Judge Me

Zine Cover Pic

Only God Can Judge Me
(Click image for a sneak peek)

By: Shyla

This zine is created by a young women. It contains poems and short stories of the things young African American teens see and go through. This would be a good zine to understand the young people’s perspectives and the way they deal with things. Every story in this zine is non-fiction and it is filled with lots of emotion and talent. There are pages full of love, hate, and acceptance and confusion.

Shattered Universes

Shattered Universes(Click on image for a sneak peak)

Shattered Universes
(Click on image for a sneak peak)

By Piotr

Shattered Universes, By Piotr N. Yolkenikov is a collection of heartfelt sorrows, funny poems, a tale about the authors detachment from the system, and his experiences as an adolescent in basics. We hope you enjoy this read as much as the author poured his heart into it.

Killing Your Dreams

Killling Your Dreams Cover Pic

Killing Your Dreams
(Click image for a sneak peek)

by Sam

In this zine, there are poems, illustrations, watercolor paintings, and a short story, centered around the author’s thoughts, fears, and preoccupations. It’s almost something you’d want to tear up and nail to your wall.

Myraid Cover Page

(Click on image for a sneak peek)

Myraid: A Collection of Poetry and Fiction

By: Devin

This collection of writing and the pictures taken are all original works of Devin. This is vast collection of love poetry, and poetry depicting the author’s life, and some of his struggles. Within is also the first excerpt to his novel, Exiled. He wishes that you enjoy his writings, just as he enjoyed writing it all.

Loved Lost Lived Cover

Loved, Lost, Lived
(Click image for a sneak peek)

Loved, Lost and Lived

By Kristin

This zine is called Loved, Lost and Lived. It goes through a plethora of different emotions of a girl and the life that she has lived so far. From beginning to end there are many issues that are brought up. It shows a struggle to let go, and the release into happiness.

A Day in the Shoes of Love, Family and Life

A Day in the Shoes of Love, Family and Life

A Day in the Shoes of Love, Family and Life
(Click on image for a sneak peek.)


by Michelle

Complete with lush visuals and poems rushing with emotions and profundity, A Day is a must-read zine on the difficulties of coming of age. The author recounts her experiences with love, family and life with a devastating honesty, an inspiring optimism and a unique symbol set. As the zine’s pages turn, read how this young woman finds perspective on herself, the world and others.



Click on image for a sneak peek

by Josh

A mellifluous stream of sounds, rhymes and rhythms, Louisianimal is a collection of raps that wind and run like the Mississippi. The author asserts and questions his way through thoughts on his self image, his enduring optimism and his future—all while utilizing an innate sense of sound, weaving alliterative phrases and inventing new expressions. Take a walk down some wild lines and check out Louisianimal.

True Emotions

True Emotions

True Emotions, $7
Click image for a sneak peek

By Phillip

True emotions is a zine written by a young man that is based on everyday feelings.  Written poems and stories of all things that happen in daily life.  To dreams of full successful life.   If you read this you will see what I mean about the emotion and feeling that surround us all like fear, madness, sadness, and more, including 1 dedication page  of his best friend who passed away and who he  thinks of often.  We hope you like reading this as mush as he liked creating it for all you enjoyable readers.


Let’s C Issue No. 1

Let’s C Issue No. 1, $7
Click image for a sneak peek

by Amber

Amber pulls deep from within herself to find the strength to talk about her most hidden secret: being transgender.  Filled with statements and poems about being transgender, it also has non TG specific poetry, combining with TG poetry to prove that transgender people are just that.  Everyday people like you and me.


Broken, $7
Click image for a sneak peek

by Michael

Broken is written by a young man who details his aversion to the modern Republican Party, despite being a registered member.  In his writings, the author covers everything from the United States federal budget to the partisan gridlock of the GOP that has strangled Congress. Further highlighting the plights of the Republican Party, the writer emphasizes the extremism that has taken a hold in American “conservatism” and what his personal opinion is of this. Despite this, his love for his country is vibrantly apparent and obvious in each page. Compassion, compromise and civility have long since been key factors in politics, and, unfortunately, those attributes have become lost in modern times.  Read this or else.

Real eyes, Realize, Real lies

Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies, $7

By Chelle

This zine is about basically just the thoughts of the artist and what goes through her mind on a daily basis. There’s also some pictures that she’s drawn

Bitter-Sweet Confusion

By Natalie

Bitter-Sweet  by Natalie

Bitter-Sweet by Natalie
Full color $7

This zine is a collection of poems and pieces of original art created by a homeless youth . She interprets her battles, And personal struggles of determination to be free and sober. She puts a twist on her travels and experiences with strong literature.  But to experience this you will have to read more.

Behind The Music

What's Behind The Music

What’s Behind The Music By; Juan
Full Color $7

By Juan

What’s Behind the Music is about conspiracy theories and things unknown to most about our beloved legends of rap, hiphop and R&B. There’s more than what meets the eye; in this world you may never know what’s going on behind the curtains, its possible people aren’t always who they really are and it’s pretty difficult to tell the truth but if you really listen, and I mean really listen, what you hear and the things that you may discover are pretty unbelievable.


by Chevonna

healing cover web

Healing by Chevonna, Full Color: $7

Healing is a zine about a young woman, Chevonna dealing and healing with her problems through her writing. Through her writing she can come face to face with negativity that she tries to run away from. Her writing shows that she has dealt with love, pain, lost, loneliness and heart ache. Chevonna shows that she has some things to overcome and get better at, though people and things may try to stop her. It’s funny because nobody told her the road would be easy and she doesn’t believe God brought her this far to leave her. Things have to get worse before they get better. Read more to see how.

I Never Thought

By Ester

I Never Thought

I Never Thought By Ester
Full Color: $7

“I Never Thought…” is a collection of poems by a young Ukrainian teenage girl who was sexually exploited in Seattle. The poems are a collage of past experiences (tragedy, fights, abuse, and hurt) versus the life she is living now (going to school, goals for future life, and family.) From poems that might make you shed a tear or two to poems that will make you laugh, this collection will have you moved. A must read.


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The Rebel Inside Me

by Star


There’s a stubbornness inside me that is like a boulder

Sunken down deep into the dark pit of the ocean

Always remaining there

Floating like a submarine, it can never be swallowed whole

My hardheadedness with ease thinking “I can do whatever I want.”

Cause who really cares about anything or anyone else

The rebel comes out at night and stays until daylight

It comes home well fed only at sunrise

Adventure it craves and the satisfaction it needs

It needs the momentum of city lights, flags of different countries it flies,

a souvenir for keepsakes

Feed it like a blood thirsty hungry monster so trapped inside the hidden dark caves

Locked in chains being told it needs to be tamed because it is a shame

Give me adventures that would last a lifetime

And if it dies we have the ashes of the memories to fulfill us

Something that can never be dismissed only persist

The preservative of the ashes rising up like a fire phoenix ready to be born again

Into new life a new adventure

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