Do You Know Me


  • I think a lot about this world and how we are supposed to live
  • I care about everyone
  • I gain motivation through peoples negativity from others
  • I want a wife with some kids
  • I see good and evil in everyone
  • I put others first
  • College is my goal NFL is my priority
  • I will respect you if you respect me
  • You use me I will go hard and get harder
  • I like to cook



By Drake

When my spirit stopped haunting me,

I could finally see the world around me.

Trying to find a happy medium betwixt here and there.

“Don’t go to far overboard,” My brain says. “I might not come back from this adventure.”

I keep my brain under lock and key.

My mind on track.

My consciousness in check.

I am conditioning myself to go to a different world.

Where thoughts disappear,

everything becomes one,

I become everything,

and then I feel better.

I can finally see.