I Am…That I Am.


I Am...That I Am.

Today I am the face of Bamboo
Calm like the sea breeze
Deep like the ocean floor
I am the voice the moon
Loud like silent vibrations
Which echoes like a wolf’s howl
I am the statue among the Youth
Bold as bronze like the copper I was molded from
I am an original piece of Art
Photoshop can only kill me
I am Proud
I am Strong
I am the bars that criminals hold on to in jail
Who am I?
I am C. Dubb The Young Black Male
I Strive
I Flow
I Dive
Off a cliff like a hawk or an eagle
Vision strictly on my Family
Who am I?
I am C. Dubb The Young Black Male




By Drake

When my spirit stopped haunting me,

I could finally see the world around me.

Trying to find a happy medium betwixt here and there.

“Don’t go to far overboard,” My brain says. “I might not come back from this adventure.”

I keep my brain under lock and key.

My mind on track.

My consciousness in check.

I am conditioning myself to go to a different world.

Where thoughts disappear,

everything becomes one,

I become everything,

and then I feel better.

I can finally see.

First Breathe

By Michelle

First breathe.
Realize what it is. You are making yourself
 feel the way you are feeling.
And why?
This suffocation inside you that’s got you perplexed
 it’s got you in chains.
Name one thing
you are doing right at the moment,
listen to the beat
of your pounding heart screaming
its madness like its performing.
Wake up.
Visualize the decisions that keep you chained to a bed,
a thought, a memory that strings itself closer the more you want it to fade .

You’ve stayed in your box for too long-
That masking tape ain’t no stronger than you are .
Whatever the reason or for whoever your frustrated at, remember..
give them time and give yourself patience.
It makes sense that everything seems pretty fucked up at the moment.
In case you haven’t realized it,
you are a human
living in this world that is as dark as a basement.
First breathe
Then talk to yourself about it.
Find it
 and do something POSITIVE with it.

My Hands

The water master. by Peter

The water master. by Peter

My Hands

My hands are formless like water
How they move is a mystery to Me.
My Hands can flow like a calm water, or come crashing down like a violent torrent.
My Hands can flow like water
because My Hands are water.
I am water.
I am shapeless like water,
while at the same time, I have a shape.
I am the master of water.
I am the master over myself.

I Can’t Go Home

By Michelle

I can’t go home
Home does not a wait for me.
Home does not care for me.
Home is the feeling of death for me.
Home is like 5 hits of crystal meth for me.
Home ain’t my freedom
home don’t need me and I don’t need em’.
Home is my jail cell
when I am not guilty.
When I am innocent ,home beats me
Home is a hole in the ground sinking me deeper down.
Home is the devil
and I am his crown
Home neglects me, home despises me
home regrets me
Home invites me in then lies to me.

: I wrote this when I was living in Los Angeles. It was around the time both of my sisters had left the house and my mother had so much anger in her she would take out on my younger brother and I. I would always come home from school and just lock myself in my room and sneaking out in the nights. I was 15.

My Body Is A Temple

Temple by Shyla

My body is like a temple– when you look at me you know I’m not simple. I’m hard to get–can’t even touch me with a 10 foot pole.

My soul is the inside of the temple–warm and cold at the same time, but still my soul works day and night to change inside.

My soul is empty with plenty of room to make it full. My body so strong you couldn’t knock me down with a push or pull

I been through a lot, that’s why I have all these marks. It’s clear that in my life I’ve fought and yet I’m still beautiful especially to those that know my history and to others, how I became me is mystery.

My body is a temple–hard on the outside, cold on the inside but still such a beautiful sight.

My body is a temple. My creators worked hard–it was far from simple.