Staff Fall 2013


Chris, aka C. Dubb first heard about Zine through his case manager at the time; Tracy. C. Dubb is interested in writing about his life through song lyrics and poetry. He enjoys perfecting his craft as an Emcee and a writer with skills of story telling and lyricism. C. Dubb is a father to a 2yr old boy that brought light to his life when he was on the brink of self destruction. He hopes to inspire the next person on his journey with his story. C. Dubb likes hip hop and R&B music and enjoys sharing a smile with his charm. He also is very passionate about family for he believes in “family first.”



I found out about the Zine Project while I was making an effort to make changes in my lifestyle. I was out homeless and needed a better alternative for money than being out in the streets, for the better of myself. What really interest me about the Zine Project, is that It gives me the time, tools, and surroundings to enhance my skills to express myself, because for a while I have been trying to find time and space for all the recreational ideas I want to make reality, and it’s warm inside. I’m hoping that, through Zine, when I complete the program,  I will have opened opportunities into artistic ways of making money, making money doing something I want to do. A little about myself… I’m into self improvement, but I’m lazy. I like to socialize sometimes, but I don’t talk that much, I like video games, skateboards and pizza.



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