Parallel Mission

Dreamin’, I let my thoughts drift away overseas,
still, no one will follow me or even fathom the challenge,
I test the balance,
swoop up all intuitions in my talons,
slice away reality, embrace the illusory,
paint a picture so vivid I’m livin’ in lucid dreams,
where space and time don’t matter,
atomic waves will splatter, like scrambled eggs on platters,
I’m climbing the ladder – downwards,
and some might say that’s just some backwards steps,
so let me catch my breath to descend in ocean depths,
strokin’ the flow of water, to travel in motioned reps,
in the deep blue jazz, bumpin’ rhythmic beats eternal,
tones reborn from the ash, at the core of Earth’s inferno,
thermal vision spots the incision of plasmatic cracks in the crust where temperatures risen, a higher realm where colors ain’t on the prism,
unlock the mind escapin’ this prison,
that’s what I recommend when visitin’ the parallel mission.