By: Symphany

sitting, pondering the essences of life and its greater meaning. what does it all mean? do i have some purpose? what makes life well, life? lively? i want to know.

is there some great beyond or are we really alone and merely just a speck of dust that will soon wither and die only to decompose in the ground. do we simply just live then die and are stuck in the ground, the end, no greater something after the years on earth being “alive.”

i hear all around different answers with similar qualities that lead me to be hopeful.

hope. such a small word with big meaning. hope seems to be the strongest or weakest aspect of life and of humans. is life living hopefully? i don’t know. i seem to ponder these thoughts but never getting closer to the answer only further away. floating further away, as if a strong wind is carrying me away to a greater beyond. one can only hope that i find what it means to be alive in this lifetime.