The Fox and the Moon – By Thomas Hermsen

The Fox and the Moon                                           By: Thomas Hermsen

Deep in  the forest of Olivnor, there lived a fox. This fox was not like other foxes, for they were sly and cunning. This fox enjoyed marvelous and great things, and was very greedy. One day the fox was drinking from a pond and a raven flew and settled on a nearby branch.

“Hello there my dear friend! How are you?” The raven cawed out to Fox.

“Do not bother me Raven, for I shall eat you if you get in the way of my day.”

Raven ignored Fox’s threat and cawed out in a more gentle tone.

“Some little hare I saw said you enjoy great things, truly amazing things, am I correct?”

Fox paused from his drinking and looked up at Raven; “Yes, and you have something that may interest me?”

“Yes friend, if you shall fulfill what I ask of you. I shall give you the moon!”

Fox looked straight up and though he is not the smartest fox, had doubts.

“How shall you give me the moon? Isn’t it impossible?”

Raven shook his head; “So you shall question it? Well then, I shall forget about fulfilling this and I shall leave now,” Raven said, and started to flap his wings.

“Wait Raven! What do you ask of me? What do you need?”

Raven stopped and chuckled; “You shall bring me three objects. But there will be a challenge retrieving these.”

“Anything Raven,” Fox said, standing determined.

“First bring me a wedge of cheese from the castle’s kitchen, only a few miles south from here. I will wait here for your return.”

Fox darted south, opposite of where the moss grows, and made it to the castle walls. There was a small crevice at the foundation that Fox could squeeze through. After that he would have to sneak into the kitchen to retrieve the wedge of cheese.

He kept low to the ground and crawled across the ground to the gates.

“Alas! A creature from wild! Kill it!” Yelled a townswoman.

The guards set upon the fox, and chased him into the castle, through the hallways-  and into the kitchen. Fox snatched the cheese in his muzzle and escaped the kitchen, only to have the cook slash his tale off with a butchers knife.

Fox barely made it back to Raven with his life, and dropped the cheese

at the base of the tree.

“Damn you Raven! Look at my tale!”

“I do not see your tale, but you have returned bravely and earned a slice of cheese.” Raven dropped down and pecked off a chunk from the cheese wedge. Fox gulped it down.

“Now you have been nourished, and must venture to retrieve another item.”

“I see, what do you want?”

“You must travel to the Ferclasp Brewery, four miles to the north, and retrieve a fine bottle of wine.”

“May I get a drink of that wine?” Asked Fox.

“No questions, now go!”

Fox journeyed to the brewery, and did not see anyone about. So he walked into the brewery and snatched a bottle of wine in his muzzle. He turned around and left, only to step on some broken glass, he whimpered and limped all the way back to Raven. It was getting late.

“Damn you Raven! Look at my paw!”

“Your paw will heal soon, but you have returned bravely and earned a drink of wine.”

Fox gulped the wine and dropped the bottle at the base of the tree, alongside the wedge of cheese.

“Now you have one final task, and may it be the most adventurous. If you shall return, you shall be a hero.”

Fox liked this idea very much, and quickly forgot about his bleeding paw.

“You shall venture to the underground city of rats, and retrieve the golden crown of their king!”

“Ha! That shall be easy! For they are only rats!”

“Take this poison, you may need it. Now make haste!” And with that, Fox ventured to the cities storm drains, back in the castles town.

So he limped and wept, and crawled through the crevice. Everyone was asleep so he was in luck. Fox crawled through the storm drain and dropped into the muddy bank.

For a while he travelled through the dank halls of the sewers, beginning to wonder if he was in the wrong place. But in a dark corner of the chamber he was in, he saw two glowing yellow eyes.

Fox was wrong, they weren’t just rats, they were humongous. And they were dangerous too. He then thought of a plan.

“Dear friend, I wish to praise your king, I wish to join you!”

“Are you the one that received our letter?” The rat hissed.

“Y-yes,” Fox trembled.

“Then follow me.”

Fox followed the rat through the city, and they passed many ugly creatures and horrifying sights.

“Go in there, and we are watching you.” The rat pushed Fox into a large hall.

“’What are you waiting for, come in,” a frightening voice boomed through the hall.

Fox gulped and walked through the hall towards the voice. Up some very large stairs, he saw the golden crown glint in the candle light.

“Hmm, you are a fox, wishing to join the rat order. Very strange I must say. But where are my manners, I am the king, and I will be your king soon enough. We are about to eat and we hope that you may join us, then we will begin your initiation.”

“Of course my lord.”

“How about a tour of your new home, eh?”

“Yes my lord, it would be an honor.”

“Theseus! Show our new friend around.”

“Yes my king.”

Fox Followed the rat named Theseus through the chambers and halls of the rat kingdom. When they entered the kitchen, Fox slipped the poison Raven had given him into the king’s goblet. After the feast Theseus showed Fox his bed.

“I don’t trust you filth. I’m gunna keep all eyes peeled!” The rat spat and then he left.

Fox then waited  for the poison to take effect, at midnight.

He snuck through the halls into the king’s chamber and realized that he was dead. He snatched the crown from the body and snuck back out into the sewers and to the surface and back to the forest. As he made way to the pond raven was nowhere to be found.

“Raven are you there?”

Raven then appeared from the sky and landed on his usual branch. The moon was high in the sky, full and bright.

“So you have returned! And alive, you are a true hero, and shall all of the creatures of the forest know of it! Now I will land in front of you, and you shall place the crown on my head.” Raven landed and Fox placed the tiny crown on his head.

“You have fulfilled the trials and have earned your reward.”

“Where is my moon, oh Raven?”

“Look at the reflection in this pond, there is your moon” and with that Raven flew away.