a poem by Jordan

I hate the word hate. It’s so rejecting and vulgar.
I can’t stand the word hate being said around me.
If you hate someone it means you are hateful person,
and no one likes a hateful person.
Hate is like the roaring pit of hell
as it screams and calls for the hatred that is you.

Hatred is like a drug as it seeps into your skin through your pores.
Hate looks like the most hideous
human being you’ve ever seen— scars of hatred all throughout its body,
broken bones because people hate it because it hates them.
There is no reason to hate people.

I believe you should love the ones you care about,
don’t hate them for what they’ve done,
just accept them for who they are.
Don’t hate them for who they are—
you just have to be more open minded
about how you see things.
Don’t hate.


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