From Zine Intern to Bride: Leticia’s Story

By Zine Instructor Shaun

After Zine, many of our interns go on to get housing and jobs.

LY ziner

Leticia, Zine Intern

Leticia—Zine intern from Winter 2011— went on to get married.

Zine was an important benchmark for Leticia. At the time, Leticia was staying in shelters and traveling with her home on her back. Leticia came into her first day at zine exhausted from carrying her heavy pack and self conscious about reading her writing in front of others. Despite her circumstances and natural timidity, Leticia persevered and grew. She showed up every day and, in the safe, accepting environment of Zine, she quickly overcame her fear of being the center of attention. Leticia began sharing her poetry—writing and reading boldly.

Leticia and Audrey

Leticia and Audrey

While in Zine, Leticia was also participating in The Groundwork Project, Catholic Community Services Wrap Around program. Her wrap around facilitator, Audrey Baedke, worked with Leticia on everything from getting a storage unit to applying for housing. The road to finding Leticia a stable place to stay was a long one. There were months of weekly team meetings, phone calls, applications and even a bad fit. Audrey and Leticia tirelessly looked and applied until finding the perfect place—a permanent housing program that would accommodate Leticia and her long term boyfriend.

Leticia, Bride

Leticia, Bride

Zine ended and Leticia graduated feeling more confident. She read at her Zine graduation in front of a small group of fans. She ended Groundwork housed and happy.

Two years later, Leticia and her boyfriend of five years, got engaged. Still housed, still together, both felt it was time to tie the knot. When thinking of someone to officiate, Leticia thought of Audrey.

LY wedding 2

Saying “I Do”

Audrey had some qualms at first, but Leticia was successfully persistent. Audrey had served as a mentor and support for many years and in Leticia’s mind, she was a natural choice.

The wedding, held at New Horizons Ministries and officiated by Audrey, was attended by family, friends and supports in both youth’s lives.

Leticia, glowing in white, seemed to have no problem being in the center of attention.

Congratulations Leticia!LY I know present to you


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