Merry Christmas by Silva

I can’t wait to have you come home son

I just want to sit you down

Really spell out why I love you

Really have you hear me this time

You want me to love you in this exact way

Im not here to entertain you

Ask me something I will do it

But only after you ask



So I ask.

Okay let’s build a zip line, a tree house, play a board game

Let’s go capture the world

If you want to really sit me down

Remember when you picked me up

I wasn’t the only one who was there

Christmas morning

We unwrapped silence together

Not radio silence, no static

Physical weight of your silence

You wanted to hurt us

You wanted to say

It’s your fault why I feel rejected

My time,

My time Elliott, when it’s my time it’s my time

30 minutes

While smiling sons and daughters enjoyed their childhood for 30 minutes

You could fit a sun in that eternity

The pain was so dense the son you did want

Turned into a black hole

Go ahead sit me down

Chin up, chest out, lips pursed

Go ahead hug me

I dare you

I wonder if you timed it out

I bet you did

I bet you waited exactly an hour

Weighed out the silence, made sure it was double

A half hour of silence for son

A half hour of silence for daughter

Merry Christmas



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