Writing with Street Youth in Crisis

Check out an article written by Zine Instructor Shaun McMichael on writing with youth in deep distress. Published on Pongo Teen Writing’s website, Shaun’s article details challenges and lessons learned.

It’s a relevant read for providers, writers and those interested in engaging youth through writing.



Seattle Teen Writing Project Spotlight: Pongo Publishing

by Zine Instructor Shaun

Everybody’s got to start somewhere and for me that start was Pongo.

Pongo Publishing is a Seattle Non-profit dedicated to writing poetry with youth in institutional settings, specifically King County Juvenile Detention Center and Western State Psychiatric’s CSTC (Child Study and Treatment Center).

Check out this powerful video to hear more about how they use writing to engage youth in trouble:


 As a poetry mentor with Pongo, you get to be that person who cares.

Before Pongo, I was just an odd ball Psych./ English Major. After three years with Pongo, I was ready to launch my own version at The Zine Project.

Pongo enriches its mentors with great approaches and techniques for producing writing with youth who may or may not have written creatively before. I used them at CSTC and I use them everyday at Zine to help young people create writing about their feelings and narratives.

To find out how to volunteer with the Zine Project, check out our volunteer page.

To learn more about Pongo, their method and how to get involved, visit their website at pongoteenwriting.org.