by Christina

All I can think about is the music that I want to produce. To be able to help kids and adults all around the world get a better grasp of what music really is. To be able to show my life story and to be able to relate  to what they are going through. To be the one who can change the ideas in people’s minds. Music is the healing of a broken heart. It mends what’s on the inside and flows out in song. I want to be the one to tell them they are able to be the ones to be out there and be able to call upon what’s going on and be able to help those around them and be happy because music is just another therapy to soothe the soul and to ease the pain. Music can be out there no matter what’s going on. You can pick up a guitar and learn how to play it and be able to flow with the sound of the piano and be able to play those minor and major chords without a problem. You can be you through your music and people won’t judge you, but will relate to you. Music is what’s going through my head and to be able to help those around me is the greatest thing that anyone has offered me. I want to be a music educator and maybe be able to get a Doctorate in it and be able to help the kids to get a better grasp of music and be able to be there for anyone and everyone and actually feel happy doing what I love to do.


Proof that Hard Work Pays Off

an article by “Tiny Dousha”

There are many artists in Seattle Washington, but only one has earned the title of Self-Made-Indie-Success-Story.

Born in Seattle, Washington June 18, 1983, he became interested in hip-hop when he was in elementary. He started writing his own lyrics when he was fourteen and dropped his first EP when he was seventeen years old.

Then in 2009 he dropped a mix tape based on substance abuse, something he was going thought himself.

He then got clean and on the right track and collaborated with Ryan Lewis (an American music producer, musician, music Video director, photographer, graphic designer and DJ) and claimed fame with his Album “The Heist” (2012).

The album, independently produced, went on to make an estimated 75million in combined earning between May 2012-May 2013. He is now known to be highest paid rapper in the game.

The albums first hit was Thrift Shop .It was the 2nd independent song to achieve the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, nearly 20 years after Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Missed You)” in 1994. 2.2million copies sold of his hit single, with no big names backing him up, peaking at #7 on iTunes Hip Hop charts.

The song had over 300mllion views on YouTube.

Who is this Self-Made-Indie-Success-Story?

You guessed it— Macklemore (Ben Haggerty)

Macklemore Stencil by John aka Tiny Dousha & Zine Instructor Shaun

Macklemore Stencil by John aka Tiny Dousha & Zine Instructor Shaun

Now 29, Macklemore and worth 5million and counting. Macklemore  is a Seattle-based singer, and a songwriter. I’m not saying he’s the best or even on my top ten list. I’m  saying  hard work pays off. If he could do it, just imagine how far you can go with hard work and dedication.