Allie and Maddie


By Alessandria Adkison


Allie you’re a

Chosen child you’re mine but

Not by birth

But just the same

We feel good knowing

We have each

Other to cherish

And to hold

You’re also a priceless

Precious pearl

Maddie you are

Also a chosen child

You’re  also mine

But not by birth

But to have you

Is a blessing that

I thank god

For everyday



Born of Gold


By Fiona Rose


Born of gold from the sun was her hair


beautiful as the pink roses her skin was fair


Eyes brighter than the moon, and bluer than the bluest ocean afar


her eyes held such beauty like that of a star


lips a dark scarlet like that of a rose spoke words of devotion to the lover she chose


born of angels tears and God’s grace


she was born an angelic pure beauty dressed


in fine linen and lace



Everyone’s version of success is different. What do you want?

Where do you see yourself?

Do you let the opinion of others affect you?

At the end of the day?

Are they the ones making your dreams come true?

The way you face things is up to you?

Will you leave this world feeling accomplished or blue?