Freedom of Speech by Tim Scott


Language is not something you can control or something that is supposed to be pronounced a certain way. There is no proper language, no special way to say things, it’s a way of expression, it’s the voice of the people that have something to say. There is no better way to say things than straight from the mind and heart right at the very second you’re thinking it or saying it, it’s fresh it’s raw it’s real.

Language is culture, language is freedom, language is passion and language was spoken from the most powerful people in history to this day. Language is a new generation, new art, new culture. We as the generation of modern society speak slang because it is fun and it is the language that we have created and followed because we feel like no one listens to us, no one cares. We feel neglected and left out, we feel powerless, that we don’t have a voice. So we talk the way we do because those who understand what we say can hear what we have to say, so we feel we have a special place in society.

Instead of trying to teach us this Proper English, about how we need talk right, try and understand our language, you just might learn something. This is our generation, our story, our language, listen to what we say, understand our voice, cause it’s our voice, that will write history. It’s our voice and when we speak you should shut up and listen, cause if you don’t, you will miss out and you will lose all you care about.

Taking away today’s voice of the new generation has increased suicide, depression, and homelessness, if you want to help, start by listening. This is our time, our language, our voice. This, is the new Freedom Of Speech.





by Amanda Panda

The power of love

Cannot be sourced

But it can mend breaks

If it is not forced

As strong as the moon

Pulling the ocean’s tide

As swift & lightweight

As a runners stride

And beautiful, like a

Fresh bloomed rose

The power of love

Always grows

It is fragile and kind

Yet solid and mean

The power of love

Is a beautiful thing