New Chapter


by Lil Richie

What some would call a midlife crisis; I would call a new chapter

A new leaf but all that’s new is circumstantial

Me against the world, but why sign a treaty when I’m enjoying the battle

Ain’t even trynna win just make time pass faster

Some say I look lost but being lost is nothing more

Than blindly walkin through a new area to explore

Discoveries made, everyday tells me what’s in store

Just make it something cheap that I can afford

Don’t be such a tease flaunting all the fancy gadgets

That I can’t get, but if I had them

It’d probably get stolen the next day, that’s how Seattle is

Karma real? If not then I’ma handle it

I shouldn’t have to tho

Cuz if it’s real the chapter’s on-

ly temporary

But it stays cold as February

Might get better never-ary

It’s real life you can gamble yours to the cemetery

“Being over daring”

Proceeds the word “cause” in your obituary

Lotta ways to go if you ain’t watchin where you steppin

Parents blame technology for stealin our attention

From a lesson, from a message

Skimming over everything to see the next chapter