To Live is to Suffer -Therasa Dreamer


To live is to suffer;

 to survive is to find meaning in the suffering

-Viktor E. Frankl

Living is not always a cake walk as some feel it should be. The only things that made my life easier was accepting my struggles, trusting my journey, and know that without the bad and the hard times I would not see the true beauty in the good times. Without the bad times how would the good time hold signifigance? If we were unable to experince anything other than “good” times people no longer would place any value on joy, happiness, or success. As humans we would not appericate good times without the ability to compare them to the bad times.

Life is filled with lessons this is one of the many that I have had to learn through my own experinces and trials. This is by far one of the lesons that has influenced my life the most!


I am Me by Ruby


You may look at me and judge me

With your thoughts and what you see

You may knock me down until I fall

Still, like always, I’m me

Does my intelligence upset you?

Why are you so down and blue

Cause I’m smart and I’ve got class

With a wise soul that grew

Just like waves and like fire

With the promise of the wind

Just like honey oh so sweet

Still I’m me

Did you want to see me in vain?

Far gone and yet distraught

Lost and headed a different away

A war I never fought

Does my elegance intimidate you?

don’t you see it in me

Cause I’m sharp like I’ve got diamonds

In the depths of the blue sea

You may kill me with your looks

You may kick me in my knees

You may break me with your animosity

Still, like always, I’m me

Out from the shadows into the light

I’m me

Away from darkness from the night

I’m me

I’m a strong mountain standing tall

Climbing and reaching yet to fall

Throwing away fear and doubts

I’m me

Into a tunnel searching for light

I’m me

Bringing in the hope that was once apart of me

I am the dream that I never believed

I am me

I am me

I am me