Lamb Chops


By Jordan Van Nortwick

Missions improbable

Cigar smoke and monocles

The chocolate is audible

Plucking hair follicles

Writing zine articles

Sheath un-knifing

Teeth brush shiny

Dentist mouth grimy

Down under I go

Laughing gas? No

Mario’s my plumber

Chewing mushrooms and coins

Started out as jumper

Oedipus said Freud

2 x’s on dad’s eyes

I’m on the tele live

Missions compromised

Nobody survived


Comic Jam 1#


We have a guest artist, Mita Mahato, who does an amazing comics workshop with us. We do a comic jam- each one of us does a panel and then passes it to the next person. Together we create a (hilarious) story.

You can see Mita’s art here:

Close Friends

scan0002 scan0001 scan0004scan0003 scan0006scan0005