A Poem Is by Gucci Squad



A poem is a cheesy pickup line

that always grabs attention

just like a thief in the night

or the slick guy who tripped his ex video on best vines

A poem is telling someone how you feel about them

it will hit them like a crashing wave

A poem is listening to the sounds of a bird chirp

or when the choir singing the greatest hits from up above

A poem is like being inspired by Taylor Swift songs

And going to homecoming with a football player

The feeling you get when you get your first kiss

Or when you ace that test

When all your dreams are suddenly coming true

And you’re too excited to even breathe

A poem is….. The life you create for yourself

I Saved Myself By: Charles


I saved myself the trouble of getting even madder when you showed your face
By telling myself “Hey she’s only human too”…
We all make mistakes
Even though this anger in me has built up like the pressure of steam in a teapot
I might as well be the better person
Forgive and forget
But it’s so hard to pretend that what you did never happened
You said that you loved me
Would never hurt me
But now you say you’re sorry
Weren’t ready for a relationship
And you know what
I think you’re full of it
You just weren’t ready for a commitment
A commitment to just me
But instead you went sneaking around like a snake
Trying to hide its lies
Instead you should have come to me
Told me how you felt