The Rebel Inside Me by Star

There’s a stubbornness inside me that is like a boulder

Sunken down deep into the dark pit of the ocean

Always remaining there

Floating like a submarine, it can never be swallowed whole

My hardheadedness with ease thinking “I can do whatever I want.”

Cause who really cares about anything or anyone else

The rebel comes out at night and stays until daylight

It comes home well fed only at sunrise

Adventure it craves and the satisfaction it needs

It needs the momentum of city lights, flags of different countries it flies,

a souvenir for keepsakes

Feed it like a blood thirsty hungry monster so trapped inside the hidden dark caves

Locked in chains being told it needs to be tamed because it is a shame

Give me adventures that would last a lifetime

And if it dies we have the ashes of the memories to fulfill us

Something that can never be dismissed only persist

The preservative of the ashes rising up like a fire phoenix ready to be born again

Into new life a new adventure


Untitled by Tyler


There is no nebulousness,
No floating lack of purpose,
But one single feeling,
A feeling that concentrates all purpose into one point,
Like a dense, collapsing star
A feeling that propels all purpose into one direction,
Direct and coldly efficient,
Coldly efficient and burning, smoldering,
Like fire behind my face,
Like fire behind in my head, in my brain,
Consuming fire, consuming all my thoughts,
The purpose of survival the only thing left in the ashes,
And the feeling of anger consuming my core.