Flower by Michael


You lie there in your own bloody mess massacred by your shame

You cry out for help and refuse it when it is handed to you

I cannot save you from this mess this dead beaten mess

My time is not centered around the universe but on what I find

You aren’t my second or my last

My first time never started but only ended as soon as it began

My sloppy seconds ended because I was the seconds

You were the first my first for a lot of things I will remember

In the tar pits you left me rotting melting my skin

Burning heat trashing the atoms that have been made

Stripping the flesh from my bones cleaning my body

I scream in your face and you look away

I lay in the ground and rot away by the worms digging at my

Rotting flesh life is gone in sight of a new beginning 


Phoenix vs. Dragon The Deliberation of the Century by Fenix


The two oldest beings in the metaphysical world we are familiar with today are the phoenix and the dragon. Legends of these fantastic mythical creatures predate Babylonian and Egyptian times and can be found all over the world. Each possesses unique symbols and can differ in many cultures, yet may share similarities. Through this chapter we will explore the distinction and interrelation amongst dragons and phoenixes, along with their history.

A good place to start would be the beginning; in a time before man and earth, predating the titans and the gods; the first dragon was born. A dying star conceived an egg that was incubating for a length of time that is unknown to us; and when the hatchling ready to greet the darkness in all it’s glory she ruptured her egg with great haste tearing the star asunder. When she broke free from her parental prison looked back at the star with great sorrow as she saw her parent die

before her. She spoke for the first time in a tongue which we do not know, breathed life into the star.

Cosmic ash and dust enveloped the celestial being, and calmed its cries of pain, and torment, fell into a light slumber for just a few moments. With thy conscience regained the star was born anew with a body of feathers bright and colorful as a rainbow. To her shoulders were majestic wings that spanned a thousand leagues ever-reaching to the heavens, thus the phoenix was born. She thanked the dragon in the same language that saved her life as they went their separate ways.

Now that we covered the history of the two we should see how they are similar. Skipping the obvious facts of how they fly, breathe fire, along with other elements, and consist of different breeds. The respect humans have for them is unparalleled as well as their popularity in toady’s’ culture, from tattoos to movies. The symbolism that is commonly referred to dragons and phoenixes are; longevity, power, wisdom, tradition, and prosperity.

Along with their great power comes great suffering, a common fact that all creatures share under the dominion of man. For centuries phoenixes and dragons have been hunted down for their tears and scales to almost the point of extinction and in order to combat such a fate they kept to their own secluding themselves into the wilds so they may be kings of their domain never to be found by humans again.

With the similarities unveiled the variances of the phoenix and dragon shall be brought to light. The biggest difference of the two is not just one’s a bird and one’s a reptile, but how they are associated in our culture. One example of such is the popularity were dragons reign supreme while the phoenix continues to be the underdog. This fact is evident in movies where you see hundreds of films pertaining to dragons as a main character or the final villain whereas phoenixes are portrayed as a name or a type of finishing move in fighting. The same is true in comic books and you don’t see many tattoos of the mystical bird either.

Although the phoenix may be less popular it is still just as powerful as it is beautiful and brings a wide variety of abilities such as; tears that can heal any wound, blood that can make the one who drinks it immortal, eyes can see through anything and have psychic abilities.

The phoenix is armed with sharp talons and feathers of fire that can cut and rip a dragon’s hide with ease. A phoenix’s greatest attribute is its incredible regeneration to the point of even cheating death. As for dragons they take more of a defensive approach because their scales can be breached by the phoenix’s talons and feathers but getting a fatal strike to a major organ can be tricky. This is because the scales are designed to grow at a slant deflecting most attacks away from the dragon’s vital points and into pinch points in the soft tissue catching the claw or feather making it nearly impossible for the phoenix to get away if its careless.

Another great quality that dragons have is the ability to dislocate their joints to combat their weak spots and using their tails to hold enemies at bay and finishing them off with their powerful jaws. Not only do these mighty reptiles display such amazing offensive and defensive capabilities but they also have powerful five senses. Why only five of them you may ask?

The fact is that their strong defense makes their own sense of touch rather unreliable because of course they need to be able to have a high pain tolerance or they wouldn’t be able to stand up to the attacks they are forced to endure on a daily basis. In contrast, phoenixes can feel even the slightest disturbance in the wind currents. Unfortunately their weakness lies in their lack of taste whereas dragons can taste their prey from several miles away!

Thus I ask of you the readers to decide for yourselves your preference of the oldest and most powerful beings in the metaphysical world we are so familiar with or as we assume to be. Now since we are at the conclusion of this reading I’d like to say I enjoyed this topic and I hope for you to join me on an epic journey to an alternate world. What is our destination?

De Longpre Tree – By Giggles! :p


At first look, it seems my life is so very simple and my concerns are nil. However, it’s not always easy, being Green. Sure, it can be really quite luxourious at times. For example, I am blessed to have set roots in a nice, big park! Us trees don’t get to use those newfangled cellphones, so we communicate through the wind. Since humans have taken over the planet in a way no other animal ever has, our strong, dense population has been increasingly decimated and broken up. Some of our numbers are the blessed chosen and they get to reside wild and free in what you humans call a National Park. I was not granted this high privilege; I’m a city tree.

Survey says that us city dwellers prefer parks to any other environ. Why? It’s all those positive vibes! Running, laughing, screaming-with-delight children surround me all day, everyday. So much joy is contained inside a park, that it just makes us trees grow taller. And when all the kids are in school, there’s always the squatters or neo-hippies to keep me company, sitting under my branches, passing a cigarette and passively telling me the news in the human world. They also bring good vibes. And then, of course, there are those days where much more negative souls cross my path. OUCH!! I DON’T like being carved upon!! Finally, when you all go to bed, I get to watch the mysteries of the night unfold. I watch owls and mice move in the intricate dance that can only connect the hunter and its prey. I sing softly in the wind with the pale moon, spreading blessings, love and healing through my area of the town. It’s quieter, more peaceful at night and it makes my soul sing.

Soon, the moon settles down back to sleep, and pure beauty awakens! However, no matter what eyeful I get to behold, dawn is ALWAYS the saddest part of the day. You see, I just can’t ever seem to be quite tall enough when I find myself facing the day’s birth. Yupp. You heard me….I tower over every single one of you humans, and yet I am still not tall enough. Why? Oh, I’ll tell you why. I am in love! In love with something so common, yet so impossibly unattainable! In love with that golden-rayed, hot Sun.

Each and every day, he rises, and as those magical new-day rays touch my dry bark, I foolishly imagine that they’re all just there to caress me and to tell me what a gorgeous day it will be. Always, when I was a tiny sapling, I’d stare up, up forever into his shining face, being the best little tree I knew how to be in order to evoke some praise. As I grew, I found out that my imaginings of him shining upon me, telling me I was the best tree, were never, ever going to come to fruition. Apparently, it’s because us trees are too lowly for the Sun to be paying Special attention to us. At least, that’s what my seed-mother explained to me over, and over. I’ve been told that if I were to touch that fair-headed Sun, I’d instantly combust. By that age, I was sick of everybody simply telling me no, and saying I wasn’t good enough. My decision was made – my thermogenesis would result simply from too much pure ecstasy running through me. So, everyday, I soak up all of the laughter and joyous sounds from my park. Everyday, I grow taller. Everyday, at around 4:00 p.m., when everything seems to hold that magical golden glow that only that delicious Sun can cause, I dream. Dream of that One Day, when I have finally grown tall enough. That one day that he could never ignore me, because I, that nice old tree at De Longpre Park, touched him just ever-so-slightly, and in that moment he knew. Knew as I exploded with all that heat and excitement, that I had always loved him, and had worked each day for that last touch of his sweet, gentle rays.