By: Jessica E.

The word “sorry” is not an apology. The word “sorry” has been

 abused; it’s like a slap across the face. You don’t mean it! You

 say this word just so you don’t get into trouble. The word “sorry”

 is not an apology! You don’t mean it! …And you never will, will

 you? You then show your tears to back it up. But, you know you

 just want to play the pity game. It’s not all about you but in order

 to be truly “sorry” you must accept the fact that you were in the

 wrong and admit it. Because the word “sorry” doesn’t need to be

abused anymore!


Two Poems of INSIDE…


By: The Messenger

 Metaphor for life

My life is like a metaphor

Meaningful for someone else

Every struggle, trip, and fall

Is used for something else

My life is a metaphor for hope

Desperately beating at the glass

As I just as desperately keep it bound

My life started out for someone else, and evolved

For everyone but myself

Rage, Fear, Hurt, will begin and end

With My Life

In their painful unforgiving hands

As my hope, my disguised happiness

Suffers on

Breaking down as it tries to remain free



You’re Love

 Your love is not an apology,

No tear filled cry drowning out the heavens

Will sway me from the hurt your actions have admitted

You need to stop hiding behind the words you’ve dipped in disguise

Or criticize the heart your lies an thousand eyes have decided to wipe out

Your love does not solve our problems

In fact it’s the reason


So many parts of me

Have been thrown away and hidden

Before the blast of your love eradicates all the bits of myself

Like you’re the atom bomb bent on

Making me surrender my hopes and dreams

And that special guard on the barrel that constantly whispers

“Why not let it go?

Pull the trigger and Give Up on

This world that has you in it?

Your love is not an apology for your actions

It’s more like an excuse, for the pain you gave

In exchange, every time I’d scream out my rage

How unfair our love was

Your love was a lesson

It taught me how to hate, and now your love is my excuse

It’s my apology to the world for why love and emotions

Is nothing more then an apology for pain…