by Christina

All I can think about is the music that I want to produce. To be able to help kids and adults all around the world get a better grasp of what music really is. To be able to show my life story and to be able to relate  to what they are going through. To be the one who can change the ideas in people’s minds. Music is the healing of a broken heart. It mends what’s on the inside and flows out in song. I want to be the one to tell them they are able to be the ones to be out there and be able to call upon what’s going on and be able to help those around them and be happy because music is just another therapy to soothe the soul and to ease the pain. Music can be out there no matter what’s going on. You can pick up a guitar and learn how to play it and be able to flow with the sound of the piano and be able to play those minor and major chords without a problem. You can be you through your music and people won’t judge you, but will relate to you. Music is what’s going through my head and to be able to help those around me is the greatest thing that anyone has offered me. I want to be a music educator and maybe be able to get a Doctorate in it and be able to help the kids to get a better grasp of music and be able to be there for anyone and everyone and actually feel happy doing what I love to do.



a poem by Christina

I want to be released from the pain, the agony,
the guilt that was built.
I remembered like it was yesterday
On how you’re feelings for both of our lives
were so strong and so positive.
But it seemed like you didn’t belong in that group of people.

It was like a dying song of not feeling wanted in where you belong,
But your parents knew that you were doing what you needed to do
and it was a strong feeling for not only me, but for you as well
That you didn’t want to be in there,
But you grew up in that atmosphere
But from birth

And that you wanted to get out of it.
And I don’t know where to start off or where it would end,
But I want to be released from the pain the agony
the guilt that was built
Because I know that it is killing you on the inside
That you’re seeing me in this pain,
Which I know it wasn’t what you’ve wanted,

Because I no longer want
to hinder you in the afterlife of me grieving
It had to be the way it should be and you’ve shown me the love
But I still can’t seem to fathom what happened.

It is the true power of love that you’ve dealt
And I truly loved that you’ve shared the true meaning of love.
Now, I’m taking myself back from the memories of the bad
And setting in the good
Because I know that you’re always going to be there for me.
I love you for that.

Now, it’s no longer your fight, you’ve done all that you’ve can
and it won’t live anymore in my mind
that what happened to you is my fault
because you’ve chosen it for the best
And my love will live on
And my love will live on
Released from my pain and I can finally feel
that you’re happy for me.


a poem by Edward aka Trae Beats

Like I’m stuck and can’t get out,
Like I seen the methods, they were written in the ground,
And the sound, like 30,000 fans of a band, like a war torn countries aching human reprimand,
The smell is strong like sweat and pain,
And like crosshairs and rifle,
I load my heart and aim my brain.


a poem by John aka Tiny Dousha

Just thinking bout what we used to have.
Never thought love could feel so sad.
At the same time, I’m really mad cuz I ain’t realized what we really had. now you’re gone and I’m all alone.
I bet u  covered that tattoo of my name on your hipbone.
You were my millstone. Music to my ear phones.
You had my head gone funny cuz I’m head strong.
Alone— such a bad feeling. You on my mind—that’s what’s killing me, slowly feeling like oh me, wishing I could hold thee.
And you don’t even know you see
and that’s cuz I did not say everything u meant to me.
You a dime girl—fresher than some Listerine.
You where like the Pine Sol lady—I was your  Mr. Clean.
Used to talk all night but it was alright
Cuz at the same time, the only time I could hit you was after 9
and that’s cuz my minute was free
and about the same time ya momma was sleep.
Old nick name—I was milk, you where cookie.
Blame it on me to love. I was a rookie.
And you were sweeter than a Hershey’s kiss
That’s the type of stuff I miss.
Just singing this makes me wish you were here. Perfect bliss
feelin like ‘yes’ but then I think and, now I know why u gone.
Its cuz I did you wrong.
These are love lyrics. You ain’t hearing this song?
DJ turn it up, go on.
Never mind, she gone…
Should of told you you’re like no other—
closer than a sister or a brother.
Should have told you you’re my air
and if u leave, I can’t breathe and that ain’t fair.
Yeah, I should have told you  you’re the one  bullet to my gun.
Feet to my run, air to my flow. Where did u go?
Had the time to tell you when you felt soso but the cat had my tongue.
I don’t even know why I did not say what I wanted to.
All I want is you, so tell me what it do
cuz when I see you out, all I think about is me being without
your loving baby, you’re kiss, you’re touch.
It drives me crazy— trapped in a maze opposite of amazing.
My heart is cold but you’re touch is blazing.