Our Place

a poem from May-July 2013 ziner’s group zine The World and What Its Come to… 

Click image for a sneak peek of the group zine The World and What its Come to...

Click image for a sneak peek of the group zine The World and What its Come to…

Amid this misty cloud cover
and this ring of fire
and this body of water
that is the world,
where do we stand
where do we go to for help.
where can we really be treated equal
and get the help we need
and not be criticized
and not be game pawns of the government.
Where is our place?
Is it in the DSHS?
Is it in the highways or byways?
Is it beneath the sun?
Is it amongst our peers?
Is it in this madness the government created cuz of poverty?

We need a place that will not use
and abuse us
Or keep us in this system
so they can control us.
We need a place that builds
rather than tears down
That will keep us safe from evil.
That will not put us in debt from helping us
From being too nice.
It’s hard to say no.
We needs a place that keeps us comforted
Without stress.
Where we can relax and finally breathe.
We need a place that will allow us
to be our selves–
A place that will enable us to roam free.
We want a place without media and fashion and statistics
And without electronics.

My place is in the Mediterranean sea
where the sea changes color.
In the Bermuda triangle
where emotions get lost
With the white sand beaches,
palm trees and a friendly tour guide.
Offshore, inland to the forest
where we can figure out
the mysteries that lay ahead.

I would re-discover life as we know it.
In our world, I would re-discover
Washington and all its glory.
I would make history
like the first president.
I would change history, change statistics.
Change the fact that Malcolm X and MLK died.

I would say peace
I would say love,
I would say Harmony
I would say future
I would say care for one another
I would say family
I would say real friends,
I would treat everyone equal.

And I would rise against it all, I would shine
like Diamonds in the morning sun.
I would be lost in a forest of darkness,
Lost In translation , in transfiguration
In a cocoon waiting to transform
Into a butterfly,
into new life,
Into reality with heaven-breaking peace
Into the world and what it’s come to.


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