For those I love


By Mathew Harmony         



This is for the people that have seen me at my best

and have praised me for it, your loyalty and respect cherished

this is for the people that stood by me at my worst and lowest,

never judging and always accepting, you have my love

this is for my family and all the good times we have had

laughing, playing, chilling. And for all the bad times we have had

fighting, crying, arguments over stupid shit and dirty looks,

yet when all was said and done we stayed true to each other

this is for those who have been lost, you will always have a place in my heart

the memories we have shared raised high, you are remembered.

This is what I have to say to these people, two words filled with all that I am

Thank you


Unsupportive People

 a poem by Christina

I hardly got any support from my family
Got kicked out of my home at the age of eighteen.
I’ve experienced things that people rarely have seen.

I try to be the person
Who people didn’t know
Would become successful
But has been so torn,
And so worn.

I haven’t felt this broken
But it has awoken
Apart of me that grows stronger

What can go wrong,
When I just want to be so strong.
Knowing the person who I want to be
Isn’t what they want me to be.

Poisonous Thoughts


A poem by Kari

Death— impending,

always there

writhing like snakes

at your feet

the possibility of a horrible ending

slithering after you

as you run through the trees.

One bite.

One bite from these messengers of death

and doom,

and you’ll be sent into oblivion.

Death—Always following


waiting where you can’t

see it.

It is the boa constrictor wrapped

around the branch above your head.

It is the anaconda


in the grass at your feet,


for the perfect moment

to strike.

It surrounds you, slowly,

hesitantly at first

unsure whether to accept its prize.


it is everywhere

your hair, your clothes

it’s even in your boots,


every part of you

like a hoard

of hungry snakes.

Diamond In The Ruff

a poem by Jazmane 

Diamond, stencil by Jazmane

Diamond, stencil by Jazmane

I’m  black like charcoal.
Sometimes I feel like my heart is made of charcoal.
My soul has no remorse
Especially when I get exposed to that temperature
or put under a certain amount of pressure .
My mind goes blank
There’s no expression, there’s nothing
But a bright shine, like I had an epiphany
Like  that glittery glow, you’d imagine Angels to have.
You get closer , it fades away
Until you pick me up, dust me off
Cleanse all the dirt and extra clumps
I  won’t shine.
I Feel light as a feather , but heavy like a carrot
then you and I both realize that I was  just
a diamond in The ruff.

Living in a box


By Jeffscratch board0001

Developing in a box is dehumanizing.

Ordains you as a captive without understanding.

It locks your consciousness away.

It makes you think everything is okay.

Like a prison you built for yourself,

You are the key,

You’re the only way out.

Lives Built on flawed and faulty logic,

Just keep drinking their gin and tonics.

“no we aren’t slaves” is what they all say,

But if only they could see it my way.

If only for a minute or maybe a day,

I wish they could think and see through my eyes

and feel complete.

Nothing is all I ask,

never think its an unattainable task.

Flee to the woods, desserts and forests!

Free your minds before they destroy us!

Love is Like Boxing

By Christina

In the end, love begins with all sorrow
Sorrow begins with love
That came from a broken heart,
Something that’s been torn apart numerous of times.

Love’s just like boxing where you have to take the hits
To become stronger.
You gotta take the hits and blows
To prove to the world on what you’ve been through

Coming from a broken world
That was so torn
And a world that has been turned upside down.

But, know the stances like a boxer knows his
And know where the line ends and don’t cross that
Knowing that you’re not ready,
Knowing that you’re not in that steady state of mind.
Just know that love is like boxing where you gotta take the blows.

From Zine Intern to Bride: Leticia’s Story


By Zine Instructor Shaun

After Zine, many of our interns go on to get housing and jobs.

LY ziner

Leticia, Zine Intern

Leticia—Zine intern from Winter 2011— went on to get married.

Zine was an important benchmark for Leticia. At the time, Leticia was staying in shelters and traveling with her home on her back. Leticia came into her first day at zine exhausted from carrying her heavy pack and self conscious about reading her writing in front of others. Despite her circumstances and natural timidity, Leticia persevered and grew. She showed up every day and, in the safe, accepting environment of Zine, she quickly overcame her fear of being the center of attention. Leticia began sharing her poetry—writing and reading boldly.

Leticia and Audrey

Leticia and Audrey

While in Zine, Leticia was also participating in The Groundwork Project, Catholic Community Services Wrap Around program. Her wrap around facilitator, Audrey Baedke, worked with Leticia on everything from getting a storage unit to applying for housing. The road to finding Leticia a stable place to stay was a long one. There were months of weekly team meetings, phone calls, applications and even a bad fit. Audrey and Leticia tirelessly looked and applied until finding the perfect place—a permanent housing program that would accommodate Leticia and her long term boyfriend.

Leticia, Bride

Leticia, Bride

Zine ended and Leticia graduated feeling more confident. She read at her Zine graduation in front of a small group of fans. She ended Groundwork housed and happy.

Two years later, Leticia and her boyfriend of five years, got engaged. Still housed, still together, both felt it was time to tie the knot. When thinking of someone to officiate, Leticia thought of Audrey.

LY wedding 2

Saying “I Do”

Audrey had some qualms at first, but Leticia was successfully persistent. Audrey had served as a mentor and support for many years and in Leticia’s mind, she was a natural choice.

The wedding, held at New Horizons Ministries and officiated by Audrey, was attended by family, friends and supports in both youth’s lives.

Leticia, glowing in white, seemed to have no problem being in the center of attention.

Congratulations Leticia!LY I know present to you

Proof that Hard Work Pays Off

an article by “Tiny Dousha”

There are many artists in Seattle Washington, but only one has earned the title of Self-Made-Indie-Success-Story.

Born in Seattle, Washington June 18, 1983, he became interested in hip-hop when he was in elementary. He started writing his own lyrics when he was fourteen and dropped his first EP when he was seventeen years old.

Then in 2009 he dropped a mix tape based on substance abuse, something he was going thought himself.

He then got clean and on the right track and collaborated with Ryan Lewis (an American music producer, musician, music Video director, photographer, graphic designer and DJ) and claimed fame with his Album “The Heist” (2012).

The album, independently produced, went on to make an estimated 75million in combined earning between May 2012-May 2013. He is now known to be highest paid rapper in the game.

The albums first hit was Thrift Shop .It was the 2nd independent song to achieve the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, nearly 20 years after Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Missed You)” in 1994. 2.2million copies sold of his hit single, with no big names backing him up, peaking at #7 on iTunes Hip Hop charts.

The song had over 300mllion views on YouTube.

Who is this Self-Made-Indie-Success-Story?

You guessed it— Macklemore (Ben Haggerty)

Macklemore Stencil by John aka Tiny Dousha & Zine Instructor Shaun

Macklemore Stencil by John aka Tiny Dousha & Zine Instructor Shaun

Now 29, Macklemore and worth 5million and counting. Macklemore  is a Seattle-based singer, and a songwriter. I’m not saying he’s the best or even on my top ten list. I’m  saying  hard work pays off. If he could do it, just imagine how far you can go with hard work and dedication.

Our Place

a poem from May-July 2013 ziner’s group zine The World and What Its Come to… 

Click image for a sneak peek of the group zine The World and What its Come to...

Click image for a sneak peek of the group zine The World and What its Come to…

Amid this misty cloud cover
and this ring of fire
and this body of water
that is the world,
where do we stand
where do we go to for help.
where can we really be treated equal
and get the help we need
and not be criticized
and not be game pawns of the government.
Where is our place?
Is it in the DSHS?
Is it in the highways or byways?
Is it beneath the sun?
Is it amongst our peers?
Is it in this madness the government created cuz of poverty?

We need a place that will not use
and abuse us
Or keep us in this system
so they can control us.
We need a place that builds
rather than tears down
That will keep us safe from evil.
That will not put us in debt from helping us
From being too nice.
It’s hard to say no.
We needs a place that keeps us comforted
Without stress.
Where we can relax and finally breathe.
We need a place that will allow us
to be our selves–
A place that will enable us to roam free.
We want a place without media and fashion and statistics
And without electronics.

My place is in the Mediterranean sea
where the sea changes color.
In the Bermuda triangle
where emotions get lost
With the white sand beaches,
palm trees and a friendly tour guide.
Offshore, inland to the forest
where we can figure out
the mysteries that lay ahead.

I would re-discover life as we know it.
In our world, I would re-discover
Washington and all its glory.
I would make history
like the first president.
I would change history, change statistics.
Change the fact that Malcolm X and MLK died.

I would say peace
I would say love,
I would say Harmony
I would say future
I would say care for one another
I would say family
I would say real friends,
I would treat everyone equal.

And I would rise against it all, I would shine
like Diamonds in the morning sun.
I would be lost in a forest of darkness,
Lost In translation , in transfiguration
In a cocoon waiting to transform
Into a butterfly,
into new life,
Into reality with heaven-breaking peace
Into the world and what it’s come to.


Writing and collage by Habit

Anger collageMalcontentedness leads to anger

Anger leads to hate

Hate leads to violence

Violence leads to death

Death leads to mourning

Mourning brings families together or tears them apart

Yet anger is needed

Anger breeds ambition

Use your anger wisely little rabbits