Another Zine Alum Graduates from James W. Ray Orion Center’s Barista Program

By Shaun

KR Grad 3

During her time in Zine Project Seattle, Kristin was a rock star. With great attendance and focus, Kristin’s zine was an aesthetic dream.

Like a lot of our rock stars, Kristin was not only active with the creative parts of our program, she had great follow through with the Case Management part as well.

During Zine, Kristin moved into her own apartment through the support of her Zine Case Manager Kelsey and through the YMCA’s Shelter-to-Housing program. After she graduated zine, Kristin continued meeting with Kelsey in order to keep that apartment.  Shelter-to-Housing is a program for homeless youth staying in shelters; the program pays for portions of youth rent–portions that incrementally decrease, motivating youth to pay larger and larger portions of rent if they plan to hang on to their housing.

For Kristin, this meant getting a job after Zine.

Kristin, being Kristin, got two.

KR grad 1Through hard work coordinating with Kelsey and her YMCA supports, Kristin overcame some emotional hurdles, gained confidence and started pounding pavement until she secured jobs at Barista and at a restaurant.

Eight weeks later, we enjoyed the fruit of her labors: some great coffee tamped by her skilled hands and another successful employment experience, getting her ready for many more to come.

Nice job Kristin! KR Grad 5

Click here to read a copy of Kristin’s zine Loved, Lost, Lived. 


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