Hot Off the Presses!

Hey Zine fans,

May-July 2013 interns have just turned out a new collection of publications for your reading pleasure. Full of truth, full of life, each one captures the personality of its author.

So put your feet up this Tuesday afternoon and meet four amazing individuals with much to tell.

Be sure to comment encouragements or feedback.

Thanks for reading!

Girl Wrapped Up by Jazmane 

Click image for a sneak peek.
Click image for a sneak peek.

A hard hitting testament of abuse, familial confusion, unrequited love and community violence, this zine will wrap you up and put you through the wash of this young woman’s struggles. But in this zine of great trial, Jazmane also manages to emerge, through her writing, as the owner of a powerful voice and a mind able to reflect and rise above a pain-filled adolescence.

What’s Lying On The Inside by Christina

Cover Photo
Click image for a sneak peek!

Christina’s Zine is about having gone through so much when she was little and up until this point. It shows the struggle and the aspects of her life and what she has felt and how she is overcoming the situation. For being such a kid way back then, she has been through death and upon those deaths she has experienced the feelings of loneliness, depression, and sense of suicidalness. The things that are within her gives a different perspective on what people go through when they are a kid.

The Connect by John aka Tiny Dousha 

Click image for a Sneak Peek!
Click image for a Sneak Peek!

This Zine is for musicians and music lovers everywhere. Whether looking to get in to the music business, or whether you’re a lover of musical poetry, The Connect is for you. The Connect includes prose on how to make it in the music business and original lyrics by the writer, who proves his promise as an emcee. Color and sound abound in this exciting compilation so get connected now!

My Zine by Jordan

cover page

Jordan is a young writer from Santa Barbara, California. In Jordan’s short story he talks about his passions and what he loves to do the most.  One of those things is long boarding. Jordan loves long boarding so much. He also talks about life and what it really means to him. Over the course of 9 months of being in Seattle he’s learned to be strong and keep to himself. Jordan’s zine is powerful because of the fact that it’s nothing but the truth and I encourage anybody to read and enjoy.


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