How it Really Was

A poem by Anthony

Back in the day, we were poor but somehow
my mom always managed to get by every month .
We didn’t have very much money or food and clothes
but we did have each other as a family and plenty of love
and grandpa which is my mom’s dad.
I remember in the Fall we’d be inside hibernating because all of the rain.
In the winter we would go outside the hotel or motel to play in the snow.
And in the spring we would be outside playing with our friends.
We didn’t always know if we would have a place to sleep at night.
I miss the middle school days hanging out with all my friends.
I miss the summer time. I love it when it’s warm.
I don’t miss the nights where we would have to sleep in a motel or the hotels
that we would stay in because my mom was barely getting by,
and I ‘am glad I don’t have to do that shit any more.
When I think of how it was, I feel good
because I know my mom would keep us safe.
We would always have food in our bellies.


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