Seattle Rain

A poem by John  aka Tiny Dousha 

Stencil by John

Stencil by John

Had a dream I was in heaven but woke up here instead.
My pillow’s super wet— I must have water in my head.
All I need is an umbrella to keep the rain out of my eyes.
So easy to slip up when you’re not focused on the prize.
My mission is to rise, way above the struggle
More than a 9to5, greater then I daily hustle.
So many slip up because life is such a tussle–
Haters in these streets just looking to pop your bubble
But at the same time it shapes and it molds ya.
Best part of the day like a cup of Folgers.
This is Tiny Dousha   if u don’t know the name.
I  Could tell you a thousand stories of joy, sadness and pain
Just not a head nod, I hope its knowledge you retain.
Listen! you can hear the city sing–that Seattle rain, that Seattle rain.


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