This Poem is For My Sister

a poem by Carrie

This poem is for my sister
I’ve watched you grow
From a short-tempered, spoiled brat
To a kind, generous, and beautiful
Young lady
Your heart is one of the purest things
On this marred planet
Your smile could bring world peace
To say that you’re like Mother Theresa
Would be an insult to you
Your wit and humor is my favorite part about you
Jim Carrey (and we know he’s my favorite) has nothing on you
You’re smart and you’ve got
A good head on your shoulders
But I’ll give you some advice:
Don’t settle because of the mundane
Traditions of this day and age
Make waves
But don’t crash the boat
Think everything through
But most importantly
Remember that I love you
And no matter what,
I will ALWAYS be your big sister


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