To Be a Relentless One Man Army


Life is short, tremendously so.
People will tell you what to do.
They will define who you and what you must be depending on their culture,
Pathetic excuses,
Personal and communal values.
f anything they expect clashes with what you want, don’t bend to them.
Tell them to f off.
Remember how colossally diverse the planet is.
Remember that in the big scheme of things, the only code with any real value is the golden rule.
All else except this rule and the pursuit of happiness is meaningless.
And accept only what is necessary to attain the goal.
All else is bullsh*t meant to distract from living a full and beautiful and meaningful and desirable life.
If anyone tries to rend you from this path, rend them
Rend them
back into their hideous little hellhole of despair, and continue on your way.
If they keep trying, double your efforts to rend them away.
If they grow fangs and claws, grow your own in turn.


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