What  is life? Life is an on going battle with your self. There are so many things you can do with your life whether it’s just hanging out on the grass with friends or looking at the sky, or admiring beautiful artwork around the city. The most important  focus in life is you and only yourself, and sometimes you can’t worry about others. I found in life you have friends and you have fake friends. Friends are there for you no matter what , and will be there when you’re down to talk to you. Fake friends are the ones that are only there around you for what you have. You have to watch out sometimes because if you don’t catch it in time they will bring you down with them. Life is like a road, and in that road there are cracks, and bumps  and those are your hard struggles in life. Sometimes you just  have to drive over those cracks and bumps to move on down the road. If life was a road I would love to go on a road trip and see where else it takes me.

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