By: Edward aka Trae Beats

I see.
I hate,
I love,
I don’t want to wow you with materialism partly because I don’t have,
But I want to drench you in a chemical dependency,
Dopamine produced naturally in us.
If you are fearless, know that it is fearlessness and not bravery.
You were never in any trouble
the thought of you being alone is unfathomable
And if you were alone behind a fence with barbed wire
I would line the fence with my footprints
If there is this melodic, and harmonious day
where the most raw and delicate manifestations be come reality
The day my traveling to this land is greeted by its borders.
And I smell this new air.
Passionately caressing the dirt in my hand for it is the beginning of it all.
I have the urge to run to the warm welcome that was silently screamed until I arrived.
But there so much to admire to loose sight to desire.


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