Insecurity Spiral

A poem by Ashley

Insecurities invade both my private and flippant thoughts
They are the underbelly of ignored pain
climbing up my chakra chain
to swing from it, yanking
digging skid marks across soggy wooden depths
stirring the empty womb loneliness side to side
The rotting existence
Knotting my tangles in my sleep
Jangling the chain running through my core
Startling walls awake
Nails alert in an upward grip slipping more often than I climb
digging into my posture—down, down
Vacuuming my gaze into burnt holes in
the paper world of light
My coveted look out from pitch darkness
Scrutinizing the farthest point perceivable
Weary of waves shaped like slicing scissors
feeding the insecurity spiral
to spin it on.


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