a poem by Michael

Good starts once you’re born.
You’re born a pure spirit.
You could be born of two murderers
In prison.
But you’re born purer than the sky,
The water and the ground.

Good is people smiling.
I see people smiling
And I see the light, the joy in their life
And then I feel joy in mine,
Even if it’s just a stranger on a street,
It reminds that there’s still happiness.

Family can be good—street family or blood.
The people you look to when you’re at your worst
To bring you to the best.

Talking. When someone is having a bad day
And you come up to them and let them
Express themselves.
After letting people talk, even when they’re
Balling out tears, the pure joy and relief they feel
Makes the corruption in my soul go down
And I feel more pure and less corrupted and less evil.

Laughter. Making people laugh
I try my hardest.
When someone starts laughing, I try
As hard as I can to make them keep laughing
Even if it makes me feel stupid.

I think everyone’s connected.
The more negativity there is,
The darker the world looks.
The more positive the world is,
The more light you’ll see.
Less death and more life.
Laughter can be the midpoint between.
It’s like a candle whose flame is black and white,
Stuck in the middle. Half and half.
A joke may be positive or negative
And it can fold.
And I try to keep it balanced.

Good is keeping things balanced
And darkness is just giving up.


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