Shameless Addiction

A poem by Carrie

I breathed it in
They threw it out
A passive-aggressive
Scream and shout
They didn’t approve
So I suck it while alone
I did it in my car
I did it when I was the only one home
I did it at my mom’s
And sometimes my sister joined in
She loved the way it made her feel
Even though she was only ten
But my dad was very adamant
Sometimes he caught me in the act
He said it would never get me anywhere
So I should get back on the right track
But now I’m on my own
And I do it all the time
It makes me see a whole new world
It truly alters my mind
It’s a genuine addiction
But I don’t feel bad when I use it
What the hell is so wrong
About singing and playing music?

Want to read more from Carrie? Check out her first completed Zine, Sweet Tea and Sunshine, Coffee and Rain!


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