A poem by Michael

Evil starts with corruption of the
When someone murders, teases someone
Lies, or steals—anything you do that you think negative
Your soul gets corrupt.
Doing evil is like sitting in a black room for days
And all you see is a tiny light in the corner
And you see that tiny light getting dimmer and dimmer
Until that light is pure black.

I’ve seen evil in my life:
Someone you look up to hurts you
in a way you never thought would happen
And it corrupts you
In the process.
He hurt me and it made me very negative
Towards myself.

Peer pressure is evil. Someone begging you, repeatedly
Asking you to do something you don’t think
Should be done—stealing or doing a drug.
He tried to convince me to smoke cigarettes
And I didn’t want to.
He said “Smoke this or I won’t let you out of my apartment.
You can jump over the banister.”
So I jumped.
Years later, I started smoking.
Peer pressure stays around you even when you’re alone.
It doesn’t disappear. It’s something you think about
Even if you don’t notice.
It becomes something you start pressuring yourself to do,
Internally. Everyone does it.

Love is evil.
Backwards, love almost spells evil.
When you’re in a relationship for a long time
And blind to the fact that she’s maybe either cheating
Or doesn’t even love you.
I did whatever I could to make her happy
But it was like trying to pick the earth up
from another planet.
Lifting pounds and pounds
of weight you’ll never be able to lift.


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