By Kristin

I want to release you.
Your memory.
Your face.
Your laugh.
Your smile.
I want to release the feelings I have towards you.
The love.
The hared.
The sadness.
The ache.
The pain.
I can’t move on till I release you.
I can’t move on till you release me.
I miss you.
Do you miss me too?
I’ve been hoping so.
That’s why I need to release you.
I have too much hope.
For you.
For us.
I can’t hold onto that anymore.
It’s not fair.
To me. To anyone.
I can’t let you haunt me.
You lost me.
No chance for more hope.
I try to forget you existed.
I try to get over you.
I try to release your memory.
My heart’s racing.
I try to fall in love with someone new.
I try to make my life better than it’s ever been.
I try to live everyday to it’s fullest.
Will I always be this way?
Will life always be so difficult?


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