Life from Death

 By Devin

Life from Death, photo by Devin

Life from Death, photo by Devin

Life from Death
Black debris
Covers the ground,
Bleak and boring.
From the grips of the
Vibrant green
Cascades around and through
The lifeless,
Forlorn foliage.
Green and Black,
The scene mixed.
Near the bottom, a White
Flower Blossoms.
From this,
The beauty
Is personified.
The Idea of
Life from death


I’m Missing Something

By Piotr
I’m missing something, and I don’t know what it is.
There is a big emotional hole where My Heart should be.
Oh how it pains me so. What is it from?
 Could it be because I miss My Mother?
She never was in My life after all.
Maybe I need a mother, or maybe I don’t.
I’m missing something, and I don’t know what it is.
Could my Heart be repaired? Can that hole be filled?
Can I, or will I ever be truly happy?
I’m missing something, and I don’t know what it is.
My Father was never in my life either. He sloughed off the  responsibility,
and left for something supposedly greater than Me.
What cause could be so great that he could leave His Sons?
Does He know that My Brothers are dead?
Does He know, or even care that I’m still alive?
Will I ever find Him? When I find Him, what will I do?
Will I hug Him, or will I punch Him?
 I’m missing something, and I can’t fill this hole…


By Alex

Beauty Collage0001Beauty is the taste of blood,

Refusal to bow as morals are upheld.

Death is imminent and accepted.

The axe is raised, casting a shadow over defiant eyes.

The fight for independence continues even after the last blow falls.


Beauty is the smell of sweat

Women’s suffrage expressed in the glaring heat.

Meditation in flames turns enemies into allies.

Integrity inspires thousands

Motivates to achieve equality, and quality efforts are renewed aspirations.


Beauty is the sound of our lives

Songs of rage, songs of grief, songs of victory, songs of what is lost

Songs sung in screams.

Songs whispered to the floor, songs that push through the visible, despite being insubstantial.

Songs that move to the sound of a thousand feet.

Songs of uplifting spirits accepting painful victory.


Beauty feels like a soft touch

A peaceful rebellion of STAND YOUR GROUND!

Resounding silently, heard but unspoken

Eyes roaming over a thousand confused soldiers.

The touch is soft, but their defiant eyes hit harder than bullets.


Beauty looks like renewal

Morals that are realized, love that is appreciated, tears that clear the day

And a soft breathe on a shoulder as the tearful lover’s shudder.

Zine Project Seattle Celebrates the Best of 2012

With the ball only a few hours away from dropping, The Zine Project is taking a moment to reflect on our amazing year.

  • In the last twelve months, 26 homeless young people have graduated our paid, eight week program in spite of harrowing life circumstances.
  • They created a total of 27 original zines.
  • We helped 20 of them to maintain or better their housing situation.
  • And 10 of them have gone on to obtain employment.

In the last year, our youth have also written countless heart wrenching pieces about their lives and limned a gallery of artwork reflecting their creativity.

Our interns also worked hard spreading the word about Youth Homelessness and have advocated to decision makers and community members about the importance of youth employment and youth voice.

Here are 5 Zine Project highlights of 2012:

Click pic to read more

Click pic to read more

1.)    Zine Meets Mayor McGinn.

Click pic to read more.

Click pic to read more.

2.)    The August-October 2012 Zine Group Graduates, delivering devastatingly honest and powerful performances.

Click pic to read more

Click pic to read more

3.)    Zine Project Murals bring color to urban renewal.

Click pic to read more

Click pic to read more

4.)  Ziners advocate in Olympia.

Click on pic to read more

Click on pic to read more

 5.)   Ziners advocate in Seattle.

As we end our year today, we’d like to do some shout outs:

  • A big thanks to Catholic Community Services of Western Washington (CCSWW) for making The Zine Project possible.
  • A thanks to Leslie at the New Working Zone for coordinating our consortium of youth employment programs.
  • Thanks to Dwight our contract monitor with the City of Seattle.
  • Thanks to Erin at CCSWW for reading our youth posts.

Finally, a big thanks to our 43 followers for reading this blog and walking with us as we write and create and change.

Have a Happy New Year and look forward to a 2013 filled with more beauty, truth and creativity from the youth at Zine Project Seattle.