Check out our new Zines!

October-December 2012 Zine interns have completed work on their individual zines!

Click here to visit our zine store and take a look at what they’ve been working on.

Click the image of each zine for a virtual tour of each unique publication.

With titles like “Killing Your Dreams”, “Loved, Lost, and Lived” and “Shattered Universes”, this group’s masterful and heartfelt work is sure to go down in Zine Project history.

Please read and enjoy!

One thought on “Check out our new Zines!

  1. Wow, there is some really good writing here. The one I read all of was Myriad, by Devin, because I try to write fantasy also. He uses some striking imagery and sensuous language that evoke powerful pictures in the mind.
    I only have 2 suggestions: that Devin stick to one tense throughout, not switching from present to past, since that’s a bit confusing,. and also stick to one point of view. If your point of view is the hero, and he gets knocked out, you can’t describe what’s happening around him.
    I’m looking forward to reading more of these.

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