First Breathe

By Michelle

First breathe.
Realize what it is. You are making yourself
 feel the way you are feeling.
And why?
This suffocation inside you that’s got you perplexed
 it’s got you in chains.
Name one thing
you are doing right at the moment,
listen to the beat
of your pounding heart screaming
its madness like its performing.
Wake up.
Visualize the decisions that keep you chained to a bed,
a thought, a memory that strings itself closer the more you want it to fade .

You’ve stayed in your box for too long-
That masking tape ain’t no stronger than you are .
Whatever the reason or for whoever your frustrated at, remember..
give them time and give yourself patience.
It makes sense that everything seems pretty fucked up at the moment.
In case you haven’t realized it,
you are a human
living in this world that is as dark as a basement.
First breathe
Then talk to yourself about it.
Find it
 and do something POSITIVE with it.


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