I Can’t Go Home

By Michelle

I can’t go home
Home does not a wait for me.
Home does not care for me.
Home is the feeling of death for me.
Home is like 5 hits of crystal meth for me.
Home ain’t my freedom
home don’t need me and I don’t need em’.
Home is my jail cell
when I am not guilty.
When I am innocent ,home beats me
Home is a hole in the ground sinking me deeper down.
Home is the devil
and I am his crown
Home neglects me, home despises me
home regrets me
Home invites me in then lies to me.

: I wrote this when I was living in Los Angeles. It was around the time both of my sisters had left the house and my mother had so much anger in her she would take out on my younger brother and I. I would always come home from school and just lock myself in my room and sneaking out in the nights. I was 15.


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