Broad Daylight

 by Michelle

Before I back up and speak about bad crimes
I want to say sorry
to those
I’ve hurt horribly a hundred and a half times
I used to walk around using and abusing,
bruising trust from those
Who showed lust over me.
Maybe I was mad at my life at the moment
Maybe I lacked moral magic mostly,
glory never appeared
And I took it out on who were closer to here (my heart)
I’ve used hearts
I know now  I can’t continue
cause I ’I’ve fucked up
It frustrating feeling that I’m falling for my old me
Who was a bitch in my history.
However, hopefully life has high hopes to return to my life.
I’ve finally learned to leave lies behind.
I’ve learned the real feel of  loss ,loneliness, love, lust, and the sensitive low touch of the light life that lies, living
Liberating me.
It listens to focus on the importance of making me wiser.
I’ve grown from a despicable, desperate, devious, deceiving Liar,
To a blooming, bright, baby blue Freed flower.
One which has realized the true meanings of things
that through the experiences I can proudly present properly
to those who lack of it.
Now I shall not let no one come to me without  leaving better and happier,
But I will never forget who I was
when my wiseness wasn’t introduced to me
I’ve  taken  full responsibility.
I paid my dues and fortunately got away blessed
Because blindly I learned to actually listen better
I brilliantly brought broad daylight back briskly before braking back
down        down.


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