My Body Is A Temple

Temple by Shyla

My body is like a temple– when you look at me you know I’m not simple. I’m hard to get–can’t even touch me with a 10 foot pole.

My soul is the inside of the temple–warm and cold at the same time, but still my soul works day and night to change inside.

My soul is empty with plenty of room to make it full. My body so strong you couldn’t knock me down with a push or pull

I been through a lot, that’s why I have all these marks. It’s clear that in my life I’ve fought and yet I’m still beautiful especially to those that know my history and to others, how I became me is mystery.

My body is a temple–hard on the outside, cold on the inside but still such a beautiful sight.

My body is a temple. My creators worked hard–it was far from simple.


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