Greasy Deaf Guy

By Michael

He runs around
So silly
People want to slap him
He seems simple
How can he be
Like one of us?
He can’t hear as well
As if you had cotton
Wedged in your ears
But that’s what you don’t understand
He holds great ideas.
Given the chance,
He could change the world
Just like any other human being.
Unfortunately this person
Is barred behind
Whispered insults
And snarky comments
That are just out
Of ears reach.
The people who act indifferent
To the deaf man’s burden
Are just like you and me—
We live and love
Procure and prosper
Bite and bash.
It hurts like hell
To know that
People don’t always take you seriously.
In the end,
We can only go forward:
Defend and amend
Strive forward and
Stem the bleeding


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