I Rise When I Thrive

By Josh

I know I need to thrive through people’s lives,
so what’s weight?
I thrive off their brain size.
Good choices and thrive on when they despise.
 I thrive off of rushing
 but never did collide. Unexpected,
 I thrive on a good surprise. Got rhythm,
 I thrive with a happy vibe.
I thrive 2 go high but when the moment die,
 I strive 2 just thrive,
 knowing it makes me wise.
I thrive 2 keep the honey inside the bee hive,
 I thrive off curly fries when it’s swirly and deep fried..
 I thrive when situations start 2 get knee high,
 I thrive 2 work it out like an exercise.
I thrive 2 abide by the skies,
 but it’s confusing because u thrive 2 see the sun out or cry.
I thrive 2 get an answer not 2 ask god why.
I thrive because the last thing I do is try.


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