I AM, a reading

Recently graduated Ziner, Amber performs “I AM” live at Zine Graduation.

Click on the picture below to watch the video. Read on for a full text of the poem:

Recently Graduated Ziner, reads “I AM”

i AM

I am like a fork in the road,
one way right, the other way left.
I am like a poem,
full of rhythm, full of rhyme.
I am as unyielding as time,
standing firm in my decisions.
I am like… Me…….
I was james.
james was my name.
My name was james, though it did not stay the same.
I am permanent, enduring, strong.
I am not always right, sometimes I am wrong.
I know how to fly,
but also how to die,
if left unnourished, unfed.
I am dead
Go to bed
A hole in my head.
Or maybe not
I won’t rot.
I will stand, I just need to be offered a hand.
I can not do this on my own
even though I am grown.
<———-i AM ME.

I am free.
I just need to know what’s the key
To how to be           Who I am.
It is tough, very rough, and you can bet I’ll be scuffed;
I’ve been torn, beaten bruised, and I think I’m due for a cruise, into the far inner reaches of
<———————my             mind. 
But how was I to KNOW, that my path of paganism would be SO rocky, that it would be the choice that changed my entire LIFE, that it would cause so much STRIFE, like a KNIFE stuck in me can’t you all SEE that it was that choice that MADE me BE ME and even though I have been to the end, the brink, I think I made the right choice in saying no…

…no to the drugs, that bugged me that mommy did,

no to the suicides that I had to decide not to go through wid,

no… to all the fear I allowed to cripple me in the 

<—— beginning and made me hid…
But this is neither the beginning, NOR the end, my friend, for you see… despite
all the motion, and commotion and e-MOTION that I felt, that I feel, I’m no longer off keel, for you sseee…

i am me…
…no, to the wall, I wanted to punch.

…no to the people I wanted to crunch,

…no to the booze that made me want to lose my lunch…

For you see…

I am stronger than all that,

I was like the night-flying bat,
Moving through life silently
Then I was like the tiger,
Moving through life violently.
Now I am like the parrot,
Wonderful eyecandy,
And some input for everything.
Someday I hope to be more like the wolf,
Stalking the world silently,
But giving input when needed,
And releasing energy, not anger.


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