By Phillip

Life is short.
Life is long
 depends on how you look at it.
Life is full of shit.
Life is also full of rewards.
Little lives long for lucky lives
that leap to full success.
We sometimes ask ourselves
 why we are here
 and wish we were dead.
Life has a reason
we should be grateful,
 for there are  some
who don’t even see the face
 of mom and dad
but only heard the voice
 not even making 9 months of the womb.
Life is mournful.
Life is joyful.
Live can be full of love.
Do not shove the life you live.
Life is mistaken,
taken for granted
 like the gangs killing and robbing.
Life is a story,
not a fairy tail
 like those Disney princesses
waiting for a prince.
 Life also mistreats you and it hits
 before you even realize it.
Life is busy.
Life is lazy.
Life is rich.
Life is poor.
No matter your life,
 just remember
that something good, something bad
 will cross you path.
Life is not perfect.
                 Enjoy life.

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