Vaulted Memories in Spanish

 (Spanish is read in a whispered voice.)

     Sometimes we look back on the days gone by.  We think it’s a good idea, and sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t.  Sometimes we don’t remember, no recordamos, and we think it’s good memories.  Bueno.

      But sometimes we don’t remember because we took the lengthy amount of time to lock the memories behind closed doors, all the doors, which are portals really, hidden in a locked vault.  Locking these things, which may be saddening, may be terrifying, may even be crippling, paralizante, can allow us to grow unrestricted, irrestricto, becoming someone else, alguna otra persona, someone we wouldn’t be if we remembered, recordar.

      The vault may be simple, but the more time we take to make it complex, complejo, with more locks, and fancy distracting designs, diseños, the harder it is to remember, and to get in the vault, and to remember.  The vault may have many locks, many keyholes, many puzzles, many riddles that you have to work through to open the vault, la bóveda.

      But when you do, you will remember, recordar, and you will know why you locked it all away, and you won’t be the same again.  Nunca será el mismo.


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