Seattle Art Gallery Sells Zines

Zine Instructor Shaun with zines for sale at CMD P Gallery

Zine Instructor Shaun with zines for sale at CMD P Gallery

CMD+P, a new art gallery in Pioneer Square, is currently displaying Zine Project zines for purchase!

A collaboration between Efflux Creations and Sanctuary Art Center, the gallery is dedicated “to creating art and apparel for social change” and hosts artwork and apparel designed and created by street involved youth.

Zines at CMD+P are $5 Full color!

CMD P Gallery

CMD+P Gallery

CMD+P (on the southeast corner of 2nd & Yesler) opened its doors back in , selling, along with our zines, t-shirts printed by interns in

W.A.G.E.S.—another prevocational program like the Zine Project. The gallery is currently opened Wednesdays through Fridays 12-6pm and for the first Thursday Art Walk from 6-10pm.

I paid them a visit on October’s First Thursday and checked out how our zines were doing.

They’re available on sale at $5 for full color, so stop by this Thursday, November 1st and have some fun on the town and support local youth

writers and artists!

Screen Printing used by interns at Sanctuary Art Center


I AM, a reading

Recently graduated Ziner, Amber performs “I AM” live at Zine Graduation.

Click on the picture below to watch the video. Read on for a full text of the poem:

Recently Graduated Ziner, reads “I AM”

i AM

I am like a fork in the road,
one way right, the other way left.
I am like a poem,
full of rhythm, full of rhyme.
I am as unyielding as time,
standing firm in my decisions.
I am like… Me…….
I was james.
james was my name.
My name was james, though it did not stay the same.
I am permanent, enduring, strong.
I am not always right, sometimes I am wrong.
I know how to fly,
but also how to die,
if left unnourished, unfed.
I am dead
Go to bed
A hole in my head.
Or maybe not
I won’t rot.
I will stand, I just need to be offered a hand.
I can not do this on my own
even though I am grown.
<———-i AM ME.

I am free.
I just need to know what’s the key
To how to be           Who I am.
It is tough, very rough, and you can bet I’ll be scuffed;
I’ve been torn, beaten bruised, and I think I’m due for a cruise, into the far inner reaches of
<———————my             mind. 
But how was I to KNOW, that my path of paganism would be SO rocky, that it would be the choice that changed my entire LIFE, that it would cause so much STRIFE, like a KNIFE stuck in me can’t you all SEE that it was that choice that MADE me BE ME and even though I have been to the end, the brink, I think I made the right choice in saying no…

…no to the drugs, that bugged me that mommy did,

no to the suicides that I had to decide not to go through wid,

no… to all the fear I allowed to cripple me in the 

<—— beginning and made me hid…
But this is neither the beginning, NOR the end, my friend, for you see… despite
all the motion, and commotion and e-MOTION that I felt, that I feel, I’m no longer off keel, for you sseee…

i am me…
…no, to the wall, I wanted to punch.

…no to the people I wanted to crunch,

…no to the booze that made me want to lose my lunch…

For you see…

I am stronger than all that,

I was like the night-flying bat,
Moving through life silently
Then I was like the tiger,
Moving through life violently.
Now I am like the parrot,
Wonderful eyecandy,
And some input for everything.
Someday I hope to be more like the wolf,
Stalking the world silently,
But giving input when needed,
And releasing energy, not anger.

Murals from the Zine Project Now on Display

Contractors hanging up Zine Project Murals outside construction site

Contractors hanging up Zine Project Murals outside construction site

Yesterday, October 23rd at 11:30am, The Zine Project murals were hung up on the construction fences lining the site of a new Catholic Housing Services apartment that will serve low income individuals.

While a backhoe snarled through debris in the background, contractors hung up the six mural boards. The murals will adorn the fences for the next year—about as long as it will take to construct the 71 bed housing facility.

Along with CHS staff, archetects and contractors, CCS Director, Dan Wise admired the murals and commented that the neighbors would appreciate some color.

"Art Makes Us Human" mural

“Art Makes Us Human” mural

Thanks Ziners for beautifying Seattle streets!

To read more about the Zine mural project, check out our first post by clicking here. Or, when you drive by  4251 Aurora, feel free to stop by and take a look.



The Zine Project Partners with Urban Art Works to Complete Mural

Ziners and Teaching Artists with Murals

Ziners and Teaching Artists, Erin and Steph, with Murals outside of the Fremont Arts Council Building

By Shaun

The six mural boards stretch about six feet long and four feet high. There’s  a board per intern and, just like the people that crafted them, each is unique. One beams out at the viewer with bright, bubbly, cartoonish shapes of Americana. Another one depicts a sinuous rainbow, another is a splatter session of greens and reds, another depicts several silhouettes of the artist, moon walking across a club. All the brightness, creativity and positivity will be bringing some color and life to one of Seattle’s drearier blocks.

Along with several other infamous hotels dotting Seattle’s Aurora neighborhood, the Thunderbird was closed back in 2010 for being a chronic nuisance property—one connected with drugs and prostitution. Since then, Catholic Housing Services (an arm of CCSWW) purchased the land with plans to turn the site into a 71 unit affordable housing facility. Demolition on the Thunderbird is complete and the fences around the perimeter are ready and waiting to be clad in some colorful new skins.

Catholic Community Services of Western Washington (CCSWW) partnered with Urban Art Works to create the murals. The Zine Project, a program of CCS, was recruited to lend its creative muscle to the mural project. In turn, Urban Art Works set Zine up with two teaching artists, Steph and Erin, to facilitate the process.

The work was done at the Fremont Arts Council Building—the epicenter for the annual Fremont Solstice parade. The brick building sits halfway up Fremont hill and houses paper mache suns, moons and a tusked elephant.   It was the perfect—if packed— locale to create something in.

Ziner posing for a picture

Ziner posing for a picture

After an initial brainstorming session, Steph and Erin took pictures of the youth doing different posses. They then projected youth-selected pictures up on to each youth’s mural board. From there, the youth took over tracing, designing and painting.

Ziner posing for picture

Ziner posing for picture

The process took four days.

Zine Intern painting

Zine Intern painting

Out of the six Zine interns, only Michelle had done a mural before.

We bumped into each other. Fingers got pinched. Paint got on designer jeans. And shoes. The 6  ziners worked with the meticulous, unrelenting intensity of the great masters.

Some of us got distracted…

I got a parking ticket.

The third to last day ended with lots of white space still needing to be painted. There was some anxiety about completing.

Last Friday, the fourth and final day, the Ziners brought all they had. They packed away their perfectionism and attacked. Chelle finished first and leapt on to help others. Amber came to a place of acceptance of her piece sooner than she thought and took the rest of the time cleaning up and encouraging.

By 1:30pm, as the sun passed west of the studio, the last brush strokes fell, the last ink was put on and the project completed.

The interns took some victory shots and stacked their murals away.

The murals will be placed on the fence line outside the old Thunderbird location and, depending on their durability to weather and ware, the murals may be hung in the common areas of the CHS apartment for future residence to enjoy.

Blog readers get a sneak peak:

Stay tuned for a follow up post on when the public can admire these works of art and bastions of exuberance!

A special thanks to the following to make this happen:

Dan Wise: Division Director at CCS

Erin Maguire: Program Manager at UDYC

Kathleen Warren: Art & Projects Director at Urban Art Works

Steph & Erin: Teaching Artists. Click here to check out their work.


By Phillip

Life is short.
Life is long
 depends on how you look at it.
Life is full of shit.
Life is also full of rewards.
Little lives long for lucky lives
that leap to full success.
We sometimes ask ourselves
 why we are here
 and wish we were dead.
Life has a reason
we should be grateful,
 for there are  some
who don’t even see the face
 of mom and dad
but only heard the voice
 not even making 9 months of the womb.
Life is mournful.
Life is joyful.
Live can be full of love.
Do not shove the life you live.
Life is mistaken,
taken for granted
 like the gangs killing and robbing.
Life is a story,
not a fairy tail
 like those Disney princesses
waiting for a prince.
 Life also mistreats you and it hits
 before you even realize it.
Life is busy.
Life is lazy.
Life is rich.
Life is poor.
No matter your life,
 just remember
that something good, something bad
 will cross you path.
Life is not perfect.
                 Enjoy life.

Vaulted Memories in Spanish

 (Spanish is read in a whispered voice.)

     Sometimes we look back on the days gone by.  We think it’s a good idea, and sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t.  Sometimes we don’t remember, no recordamos, and we think it’s good memories.  Bueno.

      But sometimes we don’t remember because we took the lengthy amount of time to lock the memories behind closed doors, all the doors, which are portals really, hidden in a locked vault.  Locking these things, which may be saddening, may be terrifying, may even be crippling, paralizante, can allow us to grow unrestricted, irrestricto, becoming someone else, alguna otra persona, someone we wouldn’t be if we remembered, recordar.

      The vault may be simple, but the more time we take to make it complex, complejo, with more locks, and fancy distracting designs, diseños, the harder it is to remember, and to get in the vault, and to remember.  The vault may have many locks, many keyholes, many puzzles, many riddles that you have to work through to open the vault, la bóveda.

      But when you do, you will remember, recordar, and you will know why you locked it all away, and you won’t be the same again.  Nunca será el mismo.