A Letter to My Brother


I know you’re missing mom and I know you’re missing dad

I know what you feel each morning

When you’re trying to wonder

What the hell went  wrong,

Why we all gone.

We messed up this family.

We were one

Now we’re trapped.

And can’t simply snap out of it cause

we got lost

And aint none of us got a map.

We got through the everyday  shouting of moms and pops

Them screaming and choking each other

it hurts so bad that you had to deal with their problems little brother.

And it kills me now to see you living in a negative environment dealing with someone

Who aint even you’re biological father.

Missing the love of you’re lost mother.


It aint my fault

But waking up in the mornings I feel it’s my obligation

to say sorry.

I wish I could tell you that you no longer have to worry

But it’s their actions— I’m just writing the story.

But man, ive seen you crying about it.

Everyone has.

Except no one cares enough to do anything about it.

I try sometimes

Believe me

Your pain destroys me

It imprisons me

In a lot of ways it defines me,

It takes me in and it suffocates me .

You are my baby brother ,

And how you feel involves me . I love you .

P.S I too miss our family.


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